The DioField Chronicle - Game Difficulty Guide

Game difficulty guide for The DioField Chronicle, including details on all available difficulty modes (Casual, Normal, and Hard), recommended difficulty when starting a game, difficulty-related trophies and achievements, and other useful tips.

The DioField Chronicle - Game Difficulty Guide

Game Difficulty Guide for The DioField Chronicle

The DioField Chronicle - Game Difficulty

The DioField Chronicle features three types of difficulty modes that you can choose from when starting a New Game. The difficulty setting you choose mainly affects combat and the challenge posed by various enemies encountered throughout the main story campaign. Note that you can change the difficulty at any time before beginning a mission.

List of Difficulty Modes

Difficulty Mode Details
Casual The game’s easiest difficulty setting offering the least challenge during combat with weak enemy AI (enemy damage x0.7). Recommended for players new to real-time strategy games or those who simply wish to enjoy the game’s story.
Normal The game’s standard difficulty setting offering fairly challenging combat with average enemy AI. Recommended for players with experience on real-time strategy games.
Hard The game’s most difficult setting featuring advanced enemy AI (enemy damage x1.3). Recommended for players looking to experience the game on its most challenging game mode.

Which Difficulty Setting Should You Start With?

Normal Mode

When starting a new game for the first time, it is recommended to play through the first few missions on Normal difficulty to get a feel for the game’s default setting. If you find enemies to be too easy or too hard, simply adjust the difficulty before beginning a mission to suit your preferences.

Lower the difficulty if you get stuck on a mission.

Lowering the game’s difficulty is also useful for clearing missions that you find yourself stuck in. Afterwards, you can simply play through the battle again on a higher difficulty when you have gotten the hang of the mechanics or have learned better strategies to beat the AI.

Difficulty-related Achievements

It has not yet been confirmed whether The DioField Chronicle will have trophies and achievements that are unlocked for beating the game on specific difficulty settings. More information on this will be added when it is confirmed from official sources.

Trophies and Achievements List

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