The DioField Chronicle - Unit Attributes (Stats)

Unit attributes (stats) in The DioField Chronicle, including the parameters each stat affects and how to raise them in the game.

The DioField Chronicle - Unit Attributes (Stats)

Unit Attributes (Stats) in The DioField Chronicle

Below is a list of all unit attributes (stats) in The DioField Chronicle and the parameters they affect in battle.

List of Attributes (Stats)

The DioField Chronicle - Attributes (Stats)

Attribute Details
HP Unit’s health.
EP Unit’s energy pool that is expended when using skills.
Attack Unit’s attack power that affects damage dealt to enemies.
Defence Unit’s defense power that affects damage received from enemies.
Technique Unit’s skill power that affects damage dealt to enemies using skills. Also affects critical hit rate.
Luck Unit’s luck value that affects critical hit rate.

How to Increase Attributes

Level up and unlock passive abilities.

Upon leveling up, you will acquire Ability Points (AP) which can be used to learn and enhance various passive abilities to permanently boost a unit’s various attributes. You can replay missions as many times as you can to farm AP.

How to Earn Ability Points (AP)

Note that it is possible to reset AP by paying a fee. Despite this, you should avoid spending the resource on attributes that are of low priority to a unit to avoid wasting money that you could have used to buy equipment instead.

Equip attribute-boosting gear.

Various weapons and accessories can raise a unit’s attributes when equipped in addition to activating other beneficial effects such as negating status conditions or reducing skill cooldowns in battle. Be sure to stop by the shops to check out new gear you can purchase as you take on tougher missions during the game’s main story.

To unlock new stock at the shop, level up you Shop Mercenary Rank by clearing special missions.

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