The DioField Chronicle - Meal Ranks List

A list of all meal ranks in The DioField Chronicle. These are in-game missions and rewards list related to the "Meal".

The DioField Chronicle - MealRanks List

Meal Ranks List in The DioField Chronicle

Below are all meal ranks for a Mercenary unit in The DioField Chronicle. Information below provides the meal rank number, and possible rewards on each ranking.

What is a Meal?

A meal can boost your units stats and attributes. It can also be helpful during the battles and missions.

Please note that this page is currently undergoing updates. More information about the meal ranking and rewards will be added when they are confirmed in the game or through other official sources.

Meal Rank List

Rank Rewards
1 Reduces the damage received by all units by 3%.
2 Increases EXP earned on missions by 5%.
3 Increases the damage dealt by all units by 5%.
4 Increases EXP earned on missions by another 5%.
5 Further reduces the damage received by all units by 3%.

Related Missions on Meals

  • Complete A Meal Fit for Mercenaries Side Quest – Harbinger of Unrest (Chapter 2)
  • Complete Izelair Rolls Up Her Sleeves Side Quest – Step on the Shadow (Chapter 2)
  • Complete A Nostalgic Flavour Side Quest – Defend Teggaria Base (Chapter 3)
  • Complete The Work of Fishermen Side Quest – Longing Frontier (Chapter 4)
  • Complete A Last Supper Side Quest –  A Patriotic Future (Chapter 5)

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