The DioField Chronicle - How to Respec Ability Points (AP)

A guide on how to respec Ability Points (AP) in The DioField Chronicle, including requirements and conditions to reset passive skills and reallocate AP, and other useful tips.

The DioField Chronicle - How to Respec Ability Points (AP)

How to Respec Ability Points (AP) in The DioField Chronicle

In The DioField Chronicle, you can respec Ability Points (AP) from a unit’s Abilities menu at any time while at the base. This allows you to build a unit’s set of passive abilities differently or if you accidentally unlocked or upgraded a parameter that you do not want in the game.

Reallocating AP costs Guld

Note that it costs a hefty amount of money (Guld) to reset Abilities. Since you are better off using Guld you have amassed to purchase equipment, items, or avail of other services at the base, try to plan which skills to unlock or enhance for each character class before spending AP.

Steps to Respec AP

To reset a unit’s passive abilities, open the main menu while at the base. Then, select Equipment. From here, select a character whose abilities you want. To open the character’s ability menu, select the the icon at the bottom on their character portrait.

At the ability screen, press □ (Playstation 4 and Playstation 5) or G (PC) to reset the unit’s unlocked passive abilities. Afterwards, feel free to spend the AP you got back on abilities you want.

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