The DioField Chronicle - How to Earn Ability Points (AP)

A guide on how to earn Ability Points (AP), including the best ways to farm AP during the early, middle, and late stages, how to learn Abilities, how to reset AP, and other useful tips.

The DioField Chronicle - How to Earn Ability Points (AP)

How to Earn Ability Points (AP) in The DioField Chronicle

What are Ability Points?

The DioField Chronicle - How to Earn AP

Ability Points (AP) are a type of earnable resource in The DioField Chronicle that allows you to unlock and enhance various passive skills that improve a character’s performance in battle. These abilities typically increases a unit’s different attributes such as HP, critical hit rate, and technique.

Unit Attributes (Stats)

Ways to Earn AP

Leveling Up

The most straightforward way to gain AP is to level up in battle. As you go through the game’s main story, you will accumulate a decent amount of AP to learn and upgrade various attributes to handle tougher missions throughout the game.

You may, however, want to spend time grinding AP by redoing missions you have already cleared in Practice Battles. Doing so also allows you to farm money (Guld), making the process even more rewarding in the long run.

How to Unlock Practice Battle

Resetting AP

It is possible to reallocate AP you spent to unlock or upgrade different Abilities by going into a character’s Abilities menu for a fee. Simply press □ (square) to reset AP and redistribute the points you got back. This feature is useful if you decide to build a character’s set of attributes differently or if you unlocked or enhanced an Ability by mistake.

Tips for Farming AP

Early Stages

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Middle Stages

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Late Stages

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