The DioField Chronicle - Money Farming Guide

Money farming guide for The DioField Chronicle, including the best ways to farm Guld during the early, middle, and late stages, and other useful tips.

The DioField Chronicle - Money Farming Guide

Money Farming Guide for The DioField Chronicle

In The DioField Chronicle, the main form of currency is Guld (G). It is used to purchase equipment such as weapons, accessories, items, as well as access useful features in the game. As you go through the game’s main story campaign, try to spend time farming money so you can better equip your team before each mission.

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Ways to Earn Money (Guld)

Clear missions.

Each time you clear a mission, you will receive Guld as a reward. Just going progressing through the game lets you amass a decent amount of money for better gear and a good stockpile of healing items.

Grind missions in Practice Battle on lower difficulties.

You will, however, want to spend time farming money by replaying missions in Practice Battle. With a lot of Guld, you can then deck out your team with stronger weapons and equipment when you take on tougher encounters later in the main story.

Note that the money received for clearing missions do not change regardless of difficulty so feel free to play on Casual to speed up the process of farming Guld.

How to Unlock Practice Battle

Raise Weapon Development Rank

To increase the money you earn after each mission, try to raise your Weapon Development Rank (Mercenary Unit Rank) up to Rank 3. Doing so will grant you a permanent increase in Guld earned for clearing a mission by 10%. While this is not much, it will still help speed up money farming, especially during the early stages of the game.

Sell unwanted gear.

You can sell off weapons, accessories, and items that you do not need at the shop to earn some money. As you go through the game, you will obtain better gear from the shop so feel free to offload any obsolete items for cash.

Tips for Farming Money

Early Stages

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Middle Stages

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Late Stages

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