The DioField Chronicle - Tips for Combat

Tips for combat in The DioField Chronicle, including useful strategies and tactics to learn for beginners and new players upon starting the game's main story campaign for the first time.

The DioField Chronicle - Tips for Combat

Tips for Combat for The DioField Chronicle

Below are some basic tips for combat for The DioField Chronicle, including useful strategies and tactics to learn for beginners and new players upon starting the game’s main story campaign for the first time.

Learn to do “tactical pauses” frequently.

The DioField Chronicle - Real-Time Tactical Battles

You can perform “tactical pauses” that allow you to essentially stop time during battle. This is useful for giving you breathing room to think of your next course of action or to assess a combat situation before engaging enemies.

One of the best ways to pause the game is to select all units by pressing L2 (Playstation 4 and Playstation 5). Once combat has halted, press L1 or R2 to switch to a specific unit and direct them individually.

Use camera zoom for more precise movements on the battlefield.

Zooming in on the battlefield lets you move units with more precision, especially when positioning them to strike bosses from behind or to get out of range of counterattacks or area-of-effect damage. It is also much easier to grab Jade Fragments on the map to accumulate TP when the camera is zoomed in.

Prioritize back attacks.

Back attacks grant a 1.3 damage multiplier which you should always aim for to take enemies out much more easily. Hitting targets from behind becomes increasingly more important when taking on bosses as you want to make the most out of every offensive action against them.

Draw aggro using tanky units.

The DioField Chronicle - Rescue Mission DPS Unit Target One Enemy

One of the most basic tactics to learn is to have a tanky unit, particularly a Soldier, draw the attention of enemies using attacks and skills. This is commonly referred to as “drawing aggro” which essentially forces an enemy to focus on one unit from your team while the allies burst down the target safely from the rear of flank without taking damage themselves.

Izelair is especially suited for this role given her high HP and defense even at the early stages of the game. In addition, she has access to the useful Shield Wall skill that inflicts the provoke status to reliably build and maintain aggro during encounters. Just make sure that a Magicker class unit is ready to heal her when her HP falls low.

Learning to manage aggro is vital for progressing through the game. This is because when the tank falls during a tough clash, the rest of the team is likely to die soon afterwards.

Interrupt enemies winding up skills.

The DioField Chronicle - Rescue Mission Tank Unit Shield Bash

Another good tactic that will serve you well during skirmishes is to learn to interrupt enemies as they prepare to use skills.

When an opponent starts to glow red, it means that they are casting or winding up a move. When you see this, have one of your units interrupt them by using a skill that can inflict stun, freeze, sleep, or any other condition that renders them unable to act. If done correctly, the enemy’s move will be canceled and will force them to try and charge up the attack again or abandon the action temporarily.

The success of interrupting enemy skills is largely dependent on timing and constant observation of the battle. It is also important to decide when to use interrupt skills as they will be on cooldown after use.

Take advantage of buffs and debuffs to turn the tide of battle.

Granting allies buffs such as increased damage, defense, and movement speed can easily turn a losing battle into a winnable one by allowing your team to outdamage, outlast, and outmaneuver the enemy. Along with using buffs, try to inflict various status ailments on targets to render them unable to act or move.

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Stacking buffs and debuffs is essential during boss fights as you will be up against a foe that has massive HP and access to skills that deal massive damage in a wide range. For such encounters, it is recommended to have as many strategic options at your disposal.

It is important to note, however, that bosses will eventually gain resistances to certain status ailments after they have been inflicted by them once. Because of this, try to discern the best time to use debuffs and avoid spamming them too early during the fight.

When all else fails, lower the game difficulty.

As a last resort for when a mission is too difficulty to complete, you can simply lower the game’s difficulty. Below is a simply table indicating the damage multipliers granted to enemies on each difficulty mode. You can adjust the setting from the game’s menu before beginning a mission (but not during one).

Difficulty Mode Enemy Damage Multiplier
Casual x0.7
Normal x1
Hard x1.3

The rewards for clearing a mission or meeting bonus objectives do not change regardless of the game difficulty so feel free to play on Casual if you are stuck on a mission. There are also no difficulty-related trophies and achievements in the game.

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