The DioField Chronicle - How to Earn Skill Points (SP)

A guide on how to earn Skill Points (SP), including the best ways to farm SP during the early, middle, and late stages, and other useful tips.

The DioField Chronicle - How to Earn Skill Points (SP)

How to Earn Skill Points (SP) in The DioField Chronicle

What are Skill Points?

Skill Points (SP) are a type of earnable resource in The DioField Chronicle that allows you to unlock and enhance various active skills on a character’s class skill tree. Learning class skills expands the tactical options available to your party during missions, making accumulating SP important for progressing through the game’s main story campaign.

Best Skills To Get

Ways to Earn SP

Clear Missions

You can earn SP simply by clearing missions. While you can stockpile a decent amount of SP by just going through the main story, you should take the time to grind the resource if you want to build a really competent team with as many actions available to each unit during battle.

To farm SP, you can spend time redoing missions you have already cleared in Practice Battle.  This process, while somewhat tedious,  also lets you farm Ability Points (AP) and money (gold), making the process rewarding in the long run.

How to Unlock Practice Battle

Bonus Objectives

Clearing a mission’s bonus objectives rewards you with SP in addition to those rewarded for completing it. Most of these special conditions require you to clear the mission without having any of your allies fall in battle so careful planning is important to earn the extra SP.

Unit Rank Rewards

SP is also rewarded for raising your Unit Rank which requires you to do specific quests unlocked by progressing through the game. You can gain as much as 15 to 25 SP this way, though you are often required to reach around a Unit Rank of around 6 or 7 which may take a fairly long.

Tips for Farming SP

Early Stages

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Middle Stages

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Late Stages

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