The DioField Chronicle - Tips and Tricks for Early Game


Useful tips and tricks for the early game in The DioField Chronicle, including helpful advice, recommended early-game priorities, strategies, and other information for new players going through the game's main story for the first time.

The DioField Chronicle - Tips for Beginners

Tips and Tricks for Early Game in The DioField Chronicle

Below is a list of useful tips and tricks for the early game in The DioField Chronicle, including helpful advice, recommended early-game priorities, strategies, and other information for new players going through the game’s main story for the first time.

Please note that there is a story spoiler in the last section of this guide. Proceed at the bottom at your own risk.

Upgrade weapons as often as possible

The DioField Chronicle - Upgrade Weapons

In The DioField Chronicle, the weapon equipped has the most significant impact on a character’s overall performance in battle.

The armament used by a unit affects their damage potential, usable skills, and EP caps. Because of this, try to have characters use the best weapons available at any stage of the main story. Since money is quite hard to earn during the early game, it is recommended to prioritize your funds for weapons above most things.

Clear as many sub quests as you can during the main story

The DioField Chronicle - Clear Subquests

Doing sub quests allows you to receive various rewards such as money, Mercenary Unit Rank upgrades, and even optional recruitable characters. Furthermore, you can earn a decent amount of Ability Points (AP), and Skill Points (SP) to unlock new abilities and skills for units to take on tougher main story missions later on.

Upgrade Mercenary Unit Ranks

Sub quests also reward you with upgrades to the different Mercenary Unit Rank perk trees which unlock extremely useful features and enhancements throughout the game. Be sure to spend time clearing sub quests that level up your Shop Rank, Skill Tree Rank, Weapon Development Rank, Magilumic Orb Research Rank, and Meal Rank as often as possible.

Focus on leveling a core group of units than leveling up all of them.

The DioField Chronicle - Form a Core Group

The total number of units that can sortie on a mission is 8 which consists of 4 leaders (active unit) paired with 4 adjutant (support unit). Only the leaders actively take part in the battle while adjutants grant their partner on the field useful skills. Try to narrow down a main 8-person team that you will use for the entirety of the main story so they can become more powerful as you advance further into harder content in the game.

Level up Andrias if you cannot decide who to level up

Andrias is arguably the best unit in the game as he can contribute to the team extremely well as both an attacker and tank. If you are caught up in deciding which unit to level up, just bring him along on missions.

Have a unit from each of the four classes as leaders (active team)

As a rule of thumb, try to have one unit from a class to fill your active team to balance out the party. During the early stages, try to decide on your leaders from the Soldier, Cavalier, Sharpshooter, and Magicker classes and build them up as you go through the main story missions.

Do not pair adjutants with leaders if their skills overlap.

Adjutants only contribute to the team by sharing their skills with their leader. Because of this, avoid redundant pairings that will not benefit the active unit in battle. You should also avoid unbalanced pairings as much as possible such as having leaders with low max EP partnered with adjutants that have high EP cost skills.

Move as a group during missions.

The DioField Chronicle - Move as a Group

During missions, it is generally a good idea to progress through the map as a good as this allows the team to support each other much more easily. This also lets you gang up on certain enemies to take them down faster without much damage to your own units.

Prioritizing targets

Working as a group, try to dispatch enemy vanguards first as a team to thin out the opposing group’s numbers. Afterwards, focus on their rearguard (enemies with low HP) using back attacks. Learning to do this systematically will make encounters against normal enemies much easier to manage throughout each mission.

Take note of each mission’s recommended level

The DioField Chronicle - Recommended Level

Always consider a mission’s recommended level as this determines the strength of enemies and bosses encountered. In general, try to raise the level of leaders so they are just around a level above or below the recommended.

Grind levels, AP, and SP in Practice Battles

The DioField Chronicle - Practice Battle

Run Practice Battles as often as you can to grind levels, AP, and SP. To unlock Practice Battle, simply clear the Coswell Volcano Expedition mission in Chapter 1. Afterwards, Practice Battle will become available near The Institute (research facility on the first floor) which will allow you to replay missions as many times as you want during the main story campaign.

WARNING: Story Spoiler Begins Here

The DioField Chronicle - Recruitable Characters

Please do not read further to avoid story spoilers.

Do not invest in Waltaquin too much

The DioField Chronicle - Waltaquin Redditch Character Icon

It is not recommended to spend time leveling up Waltaquin or giving her better gear as she will leave your army later in Chapter 5 and become an enemy. Because of this, use your AP, SP, and money for other Magicker class units like Shivat or Estalt instead.

Can You Save Waltaquin?

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  1. There is no need to drop such a big spoiler simply to say not to invest in a given character. Something like “the character will become unavailable at a later stage so…” would prove your point without spoilering the game as much as you did. These are tips and tricks for EARLY game, people who read this will mostly be at the beginning. Use your words more smartly.