The DioField Chronicle - How to Get Jade Crystals

A guide on how to get Jade Crystals for The DioField Chronicle, including how to use the material for Magilumic Orb Research (The Institute), where to find them, and tips for farming.

The DioField Chronicle - How to Get Jade Crystals

How to Get Jade Crystals in The DioField Chronicle

What are Jade Crystals?

The DioField Chronicle - Jade Crystals

Jade Crystals are a type of rare material in The DioField Chronicle used to enhance Magilumic Orbs at The Institute (base). Upgrading Magilumic Orbs is important as this improves the effects and attack power of the summon evoked on the battlefield.

Best Magilumic Orb Summons

The DioField Chronicle - Magilumic Orb Research

Magilumic Orb research is unlocked in Chapter 2 of the game’s main story campaign. Afterwards, visit The Institute on the first floor of the base to begin a tutorial on upgrading and applying engravings on Magilumic Orbs.

You can unlock useful perks for using and enhancing Magilumic Orbs by leveling up your Magilumic Orb Research Rank sub tree from the Mercenary Unit Rank.

Magilumic Orb Research Rank List

Where to Get Jade Crystals

Jade Crystals are obtained from chests found throughout a map on certain main story quest and sub quest missions. Order a unit to examine a chest to claim its contents. Note, however, that the mission must be cleared in order to receive the Jade Crystal so failing or aborting the level will prevent you from getting the material even if you obtained it from the chest.

Tips for Farming

Lower the game difficulty.

It is highly recommended to lower the game difficulty to Casual if you intend to farm Jade Crystals. A x0.7 damage multiplier will be applied to enemies on this difficulty setting which will allow you to easily take them out with little tactical effort. This, in turn, will give you the freedom to explore the map to find chests without much problems.

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