[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Maxing Your Reputation

This page contains a guide on how you can efficiently max your reputation through doing certain jobs, escaping the law enforcement, and other various tasks that can add to your reputation in GTA V.

Maxing Your Reputation

Reputation can be made through doing jobs, avoiding cops and doing certain tasks. RP allows your character to level up unlocking new weapons and customizations for your car. As your level progresses, the RP required for you to level up also increases. Higher levels require more and more RP so you will slowly see your progress slow down as you get your levels higher.


You can do certain jobs that will award you with reputation after you complete them. Every jobs vary from simply completing easy task missions that take just a short amount of time to accomplish, to really difficult jobs like deathmatches, captures and playlists that gives up to 10,000 RP.

You can also earn jobs from completing gang attacks that award 500 RP or completing races that gives 100 to 500 RP.

Escaping Law Enforcement

You can also gain RP from escaping pursuing law enforcement. As the star wanted level increases, so will the RP you will gain from successfully evading the cops. Be mindful though because as your level of stars increases, so will the force of the law.


You can also gain RP from the rewards you will get from killing other players in the game. This usually gives you around 25-100 RP. Additional RP is also given if you kill players that are currently dominating during captures or deathmatches. Just simply flying under bridges will also give you RP although it’s just 25. Teaming up with another player by driving or flying with them continuously for five minutes will also reward you with 200 RP.

There are really a lot of things you can do to get RP and level your character. Just be careful that you don’t turn into a an unadulterated mass of destruction that’s so invested in getting them sweet RP.

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