[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Tips and Tricks: Hostile Takeover VIP Job

This page contains a guide on Hostile Takeover, a VIP mission in Grand Theft Auto Online. The page will cover everything you need to know when doing the Hostile Takeover mission.

Hostile Takeover Guide

Hostile Takeover is one of four VIP Jobs available in Grand Theft Auto Online. The other three are Sightseer, Piracy Prevention and Asset Recovery. In this guide, you have the option to start from four different locations that includes LSIA, Altruist Camp, Fort Zancudo or the Merryweather Base. When you finally decided on which location to start off from, a yellow marker will appear on the map that will indicate which route you will go to the location of the meeting place. In the location you will meet with the VIP you are going to protect and his bodyguards surrounding him. The VIP carries a briefcase which you will need to obtain later on. You will then kill the VIP and obtain the briefcase. Police will then be dispatched of which of course you will avoid until you get to the next location you are ordered to go to to deliver the briefcase.

Escaping the Chase

You will be pursued by several law enforcement and will obtain four stars. When you have four-star wanted level, NOOSE (National Office of Security Enforcement) teams will be dispatched riding on Grangers or SUVs. Helicopters will also arrive and shoot you from above. Law enforcement personnel may also rappel down from the helicopters and pursue you even more. So it is obvious that you need a vehicle to escape as escaping by foot will only get you quickly surrounded despite your flexibility in entering from building to building. Any light vehicle used might also prove to be futile as it can easily be penetrated by heavy weapons used by law enforcement. So your best option would be to drive an armored vehicle to avoid being easily caught and be protected as well. Ram through police cars that may block your path and continue your onslaught forwards to your target location.

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