[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Collectibles: Spaceship Parts Locations Guide

This article contains the Collectibles: Spaceship Parts Locations Guide for Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5). It includes the Letter Scrap Location and where to find them.

This article contains the Collectibles: Spaceship Parts Locations Guide for Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5). It includes the Letter Scrap Location and where to find them.

Collectibles: Spaceship Parts Locations Guide

Part of the Miscellaneous Activities in Grand Theft Auto V. After you locate all 50 Spaceship Parts, surrender them to Omega to unlock the Space Docker.

Spaceship Part Location Where to Find
1 Los Santos Gas Company Check the pipe flanked by 2 large globe structures. To climb these structures, take the stairs on the west.
2 Los Santos International Airport Best done after buying the hangar. Examine the dumpster at the back of the hangar.
3 Merryweather Base Check the body of water below the dock for a metal frame.
4 Murrieta Oil Fields Search the clusters of rocks for a small island south of the Oil Fields.
5 El Burro Heights Check the west section of the above mentioned location. Inspect the storm drain beneath the freeway.
6 Rancho Inspect the base of towers then enter through the east gate.
7 El Burro Heights Oil Field Go through the north and inspect the interior of the green cargo container beside the warehouse.
8 Davis
Helipad Rooftop
Use a ladder on the west side to reach the rooftop.
9 Strawberry NW of Vanilla Unicorn. Locate under the freeway.
10 Vespucci
Liquor Hole
Check the Vodka/ Basketball player billboard placed on top of the store. To reach it, take the stairs at the back.
11 Murietta Heights
El Rancho Boulevard
Arrive at the catwalks of the dam. Ascend the ladder to reach it.
12 Vinewood Lake
White Tower
To reach this tower, park a vehicle adjacent to it then use it to cross to the tower. As a substitute, you can also parachute your way in.
13 Tongya Hills Locate the area with a map then enter land using a parachute.
14 Textile City
Sinner’s Passage
Search for the Simmet Alley of the textile market. It is close to the Bean Machine Coffee.
15 Downtwon

Penris Building Rooftop

Take a chopper and land it on the rooftop to find the part.
16 Subway Construction Site Search the location where character drove through in the Jewel Store Heist.
17 Richards Majestic
Movie Set
Examine the complex, it should be by the outer layer of one of the houses.
18 Las Lugunas Boulevard
Upper Level of Rockford Plaza
Examine the mini garden and check by the shrub.
19 Carcer Way
Dry Pool
Check the peak of the condominium complex. The part is found West of Lost Santos Customs.
20 Rockford Hills
Los Santos Golf Club
Check the South Concourse for a patch of land at the center of the pond.
21 Land Act Reservoir Submerge underwater, it should be beneath the wooden docks.
22 Land Act Reservoir Check beside a cluster of concrete pipies.
23 Lake Vinewood Inspect the corner and check underwater of the dam.
24 Tataviam Mountains
Search the part lying on the beach
25 Harlow Drive Slightly past the tennis court, search around the tree’s roots.
26 Galileo Observatory Rooftop Look by the telescope dome at the east side.
27 Banham Canyon
South-SW of Weston’s House
Search by the small telescope outside the residence.
28 Wind Farm Check by the east of the farm for a water flooded cave. Inspect by the back of the cave.
29 Grand Senora Desert
Mount Haan
SW of the construction site, examine the east of the dirt road.
30 Tongva Hills
Marlowe Vineyard
Search between the rows SE of the vineyards.
31 East of Marlowe Vineyard
Beneath the waterfall
Inspect the base of the waterfall.
32 Grand Senora Desert
SE Redwood Lights Track
Search the foot of the Welcome sign embellished with an Alien Head.
33 Great Chapparal Area
Dilapidated House
Locate the porch of the house.
34 Grand Senora Desert
Under the boat
Lying slightly past the 2 telescopes. Search the underneath the boat.
35 Grand Senora Desert
Upper catwalk
Examine south of the Darts/Pool hall and ascend the upper catwalk of the satellite dish at the left-most corner.
36 Grand Chaparral
South of the church
Check below the wooden bridge that overlooks the Zancudo River.
37 Zancudo River From the trestle, inspect the waterside.
38 Sandy Shores
Pile of boulders
NE of the Airfield. Search thoroughly through the clusters of huge boulders.
39 Mount Josiah
Search the narrow ledge close to the middle strata of the hill. Use a chopper to reach the platform.
40 Sandy Shores
Alien Shrine
SE of Darts/ Pool Hall. Inspect the area dyed with paint.
41 Alamo Sea Submerged underwater in the cove at the back of the abandoned diner.
42 Calafia Bridge
Cassidy Creek
Search underneath the bridge at the edge of Cassidy Creek.
43 San Chianski Mountain Range Search the contents of the boat shed past the pier.
44 Cassidy Creek
Raton Canyon
Position a chopper on the concrete beam, you may also parachute to land on the pillar.
45 Grapeseed
Cow Farms
West of O’Neill meth lab, examine the central section of the sheds.
46 Paleto Beach North of Sonar Docks. Head offshore and search the islet.
47 Mount Chiliad Search the huge shed beside the weed plantation.
48 Paleto Forest Search up the slope, it should be close to the sewers.
49 Paleto Bay

Fire Escape 2F

Inspect the second floor of the fire escape.
50 Paleto Bay
Zancudo Grains farmhouse
Enter and examine the interior of the shed.

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