[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Supply Missions Tips and Tricks

This article contains Supply Missions Guide as part of the Gunrunning Update in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5). It includes a short overview and strategy on how to tackle the Supply Missions.

This article contains Supply Missions Guide as part of the Gunrunning Update in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5). It includes a short overview and strategy on how to tackle the Supply Missions.

Supply Missions Tips and Tricks


List of Supply Missions

There are around 14 Supply Missions, with objectives requiring you to retrieve objects, materials, or vehicles and rendezvous to the pick up points.

Alien Crash Site

To start, head to Zancudo during a drizzling evening or morning. Retrieve the egg below the UFO, this will trigger a swarm of Aliens to spawn out of the blue. Nothing much because they will disappear almost instantly.

Steal a Tank

In order to navigate your way through without completely exposing yourself, find a cover then snipe the soldiers. When the coast is clear, proceed to the Tank and use the cargobob to lift it, be sure to put away your gun to avoid damaging it. This will prompt 2 Savage helicopters and Soldiers to flank you from the side.

If you would rather travel by air, a battalion of 8 soldiers will spawn.

Steal a Humane Labs Railgun

The Railgun Supply Mission will require you to head to Merryweather. Take out the patrolling enemies, then proceed to the “Bruteforce” panel, interact with it to hack the system. A number of armed enemies will greet you with gunfire, be sure to clear the path and collect the weapon if you no longer desire to use your other weapons as you go through. Cross swiftly heading straight past the approaching Buzzards.

Steal a Juggernaut Suit

A Supply Mission that requires a team of 2. Take your chopper for a spin, then land at the helipad by the hangar. Sweep the area and eliminate all threats before you locate the Supply Crate inside. Once you collect the supply crate, it will change your attire to the juggernaut suit complete with a Minigun. The downside to this change is that it will prevent you from riding vehicles. You will then have to accompany your teammate to the Flatbed in order to deliver the Supplies to the bunker. Get on top of the pickup then spray bullets at the tailgating chopper. Whoever takes charge of driving should be mindful as well to prevent the one on top from toppling over.

Steal a Technical

Requires you to retrieve an unrelease custom variant. To get to the zone, locate the yellow dot on the map then take out any patrolling enemies. The problem with this vehicle is that the window protection prevents you from performing drive-bys. Floor at full throttle to outspeed the approaching Buzzards.

Stop a Convoy

Once you arrive at the destination, immediately take cover and locate the insurgents. Draw your gun and spray bullets at the drivers. You will be dealing with 2 Contenders and 4 soldiers for this Mission.

Eliminate Rival Crew

As you reach the checkpoint, you will have to deal with 4 enemies and their Kurumas. After taking them out, Agent 14 will notify you of the coordinates of the vehicle to steal.

Steal from Altruists

This Supply Mission has you deal with melee armed enemies accompanied by Ratloaders. With the path rid of threats, retrieve the leftover supply.

Rob a Rival Crew

Can be dealt by employing stealth but it is not recommended. Take out the group of enemies carrying Dubsta2s.

Salvage Yard Job

As you arrive, you will find 2 Rumpo Classics out in the open. Steal them and fend off the enemies carrying Huntleys.

Duck Hunt

Recommended to use a Hydra, Buzzard, or Savage since a Technical is difficult to handle. This Supply Mission will require you to bring down choppers.

Truck Hunt

Same process as the above mentioned Supply Mission, the difference is that you will have to deal with Mules instead. It is best to use a chopper.

Yacht Mission

Reach the shore and cross the bodies of water using a Dinghy to arrive at the Ship. At the destination, you can either employ Stealth, or come out in the open. The former will require a bit of luck to perform, while the latter will force you to engage with additional enemies that transported by Froggers. If you alert the Froggers, best to go on Full throttle.

Underground Job

Before you proceed, be sure to carry a light source or two, the Night-Vision Goggles or the flashlight would suffice to enable you to proceed through the dimly lit mine. Infiltrate the abandoned mine, being mindful of avoiding Gas Tanks as you navigate through. You will be pursued by a group of enemies in Huntleys, so be on the lookout.

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