[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Collectibles: Letter Scraps Locations Guide

This article contains the Collectibles: Letter Scraps Locations Guide for Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5). It includes the Letter Scrap Location and where to find them.

This article contains the Collectibles: Letter Scraps Locations Guide for Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5). It includes the Letter Scrap Location and where to find them.

Collectibles: Letter Scraps Locations Guide

Collecting Letter Scraps is part of the Miscellaneous Activities in Grand Theft Auto V. These pieces are linked to the Mystery of Leonora Johnson. A total of 50 are scattered in the game. When approaching near one, a faint sound of crisp paper will be audible. By visual inspection, they appear as glowing pieces on screen.

Letter Scraps

Letter Scrap Location Where to Find
1 Los Santos Docks
Terminal Way
Situated on the apex of the blue container placed at the central section of Buccaneer Way. To get there, you need to leap from the opposite containers.
2 Los Santos Airport
Arrivals Terminal
Placed outside the arrivals terminal, check the level below the airport.
3 Los Santos Docks
Olifantus Ship
At the Port of South Los Santos in Elysian Island. Check the front of the wheelhouse window.
4 Los Santos Airport Bar
Circular Structure
It is lying on the balcony of the circular structure of LS Airport. To reach this site, you need to cross with a Chopper.
5 Cypress Flats
Underground Train Tunnel
Found beneath the train tracks past the Ammu-Nation of Cypress Flats. Search for the “2495” tunnel, then go in and turn right.
6 El Burro Heights
Inside the Scrapyard, search the second warehouse at the center of the school bus chassis. Inspect the bus.
7 Grove Street House
The neighboring house from the one where the characters visited in Hood Safari Mission. Be wary of patrolling Balla gang members.
8 Davis Mega Mall
Parking Lot Dumpster
Check the Mega Mall dumpster in the front parking lot.
9 Vespucci Beach
Skate Park Pool
Inspect the center of the Skat park pool.
10 Murrietta Heights
Coastal Landmass
Enter the island by the East Coast of Lost Santos and inspect the patches of bushes.
11 Vespucci Canals
Lower Median
Reach the Median under Palomino Avenue, this is the same location the character passed through during Daddy’s Little Girl.
12 Del Perro Beach Pier
Pears Restaurant Balcony
To enter the balcony, use the back stairs of the neighboring building, then cross through the connecting balcony.
13 La Mesa Bridge Found at the vespucci boulevard bridge, head for the opposite side of the arch support.
14 Pillbox Hill
Construction Site
Found at the high platform fixed on the yellow crane. Locate the unfinished building, then enter the crane from the ground level. It should be the one with 20 individual ladders. Search for a parachute to descend swiftly.
15 Richards Majestic Studio Backlot Go through the West gates then pass through the alleway by the guard’s outpost. Locate the stairway back of the alley, then reach the top. Leap to the next stairwell to locate the scrap.
16 Alta Street
Construction Site
Found within a barricaded construction pit.
17 East Vinewood
Lower Flood Dam
Placed on the middle of the three lower platforms of the flood dam.
18 Pacific Bluffs Cemetery
Center Island
Check near the bench on the lone island plot.
19 Hawick Avenue
Skateboard Half-Pipe Structure
Inspect the contents of the half-pipe designated atop the roof of the Hawaiian Snow.
20 Pacific Bluffs Beachside Hotel
Poolside Bar
Search the counter of the bar in the hotel pools.
21 West Vinewood
Apartment complex
Found on top of the BBQ Grill at the West Vinewood community apartment. Search for the one with scarlet roofing.
22 Vinewood Race Trac
Search the bleachers.
23 Kortz Center
Garden Maze
Check the hedge maze of the Kortz Center, situated at the middle of Biranda and Moseley Building. Go through the north entrance then turn left, right twice, then left, right, and left three times.
24 Lake Vinewood Mansion
Outer Gaming Room
Check the interior of the outdoor game room.
25 Vinewood Sign Search the top of the “I” of the sign. Reach it by ascending the ladder found at the back of the letter.
26 Tongva Valley Fruit Stand Check below the information sign on highway 11, it should be beside the roadside fruit stand.
27 Galileo Observatory Trail
Upper Trail
Search the picnic tables at the Big Orange Juice stand.
28 Palmer-Taylor Power Station
Look by the secluded island landmass by the east of Power Station.
29 Galileo Road
Abandoned Mine
Check by the locked-up door by the Great Chaparral Mountain. Seek the door off the winding road, it is by the crossroads northward of Galileo Road.
30 San Chianski Mountains
Inner Cove
Locate the scrap inside the lagoon cave, it should be tucked in on the left side. There is also a spaceship part placed on the right.
31 Grand Senora Desert
South Hills
Head south of the Grand Senore Desert, and search for the scrap at the back of the billboard.
32 Redwood Lights Track Check the center of the huge circular structure at the Redwood Lights Track.
33 Lago Zancudo Marsh Search the grasslands by the marshes.
34 Zancudo River Underpass Slightly past east of Ammu-Nation, locate the scrap beneath the small underpass bridge.
35 Great Chapparal Church
Search the graveyard at the back of the church in Great Chapparal.
36 Grand Senora Desert
Drill Quarry
Inspect the driller quarry and check the roof of the building. To get there, use the ladders.
37 Sandy Shores Airstrip
Rock Formation
Search for the huge rock formation, it is close to the Sandy Shores airstrip. Take a chopper or park the vehicle to the north of the rock. Climb the vehicle then leap to the peak of the rock.
38 Sandy Shores Motel
Locate the scrap inside the pool devoid of water at the abandoned motel.
39 Raton Canyon Go to the cliff vista by Raton Canyon.
40 Alamo Sea Landmass Search the circular landmass, found NW of Alamo Sea.
41 Galilee Docks You can find this scrap from the workshop shelter at Millar’s Fishery Company.
42 Altruist Camp
Radio Tower
Search the communication tower of the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness.
43 Grapeseed
White Tents
Sweep the middle of the second white tent for the scrap.
44 El Gordo Lighthouse Proceed to the back of the El Gordo Lighthouse.
45 Paleto Bay Lumber Yard
Outer Woods
Inspect the woods by the Lumber Yard in Paleto Forest.
46 Mount Chiliad
Cable Car Platform
Get to the cable car platform and search beside a parachute.
47 Paleto Bay Beach House Check the beach house’s balcony which is the platform placed on top of the garage.
48 Dignity Village Hobo Camp Check the center of the camp and search for the scrap through one of the white tent’s interiors.
49 Procopio Beach Restrooms Find the scrap by examining the steps of the men’s restroom.
50 Paleto Bay
Dilapidated House
Search the back porch of the derelict house. Found 1 block W of the Pay N Spray.

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