[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Tips and Tricks for Speed Boosts

This article contains tips and tricks for Speed Boosts in Grand Theft Auto V [GTA 5].

Tips and Tricks for Speed Boosts

In stunt races, players go through a treacherous obstacle course that tests their skills as a driver. They run through a variety of obstacles that can either make or break the race. However, the tricks do not matter in this game. The stunts may add some Reputation points but it doesn’t improve the player’s standing. However, finishing the race with a clean lap with all stunts landed give bonus Reputation points. While most players know how to perform the trick, here are some tricks to help improve one’s speed in Grand Theft Auto V.

Drive on the Rumble Strips

Driving on the rumble strips (the strip of red and white stripes) adds some speed to the car. This may be due to the increased traction the car may have. Also, the long strip of asphalt that most people run on usually end up slippery. As the players will soon notice, the bumps on the rumble strips seem to grant an additional speed boosts to the car. When the rumble strips link up, the effects stack on top which give the car and additional speed boost.

Some cars will benefit from this trick more than others.


Wall-Riding is a trick performed only when the player has a tube to access. When some players run straight through the tube, the bumps somewhat slow them down. Also, the player is forcing the car to follow a straight line when the tube is actually cylindrical. The car, if the player wall-rides, follows the moulding of the tube. This creates less resistance and more speed as the travel is smoother. The car is no longer fish-tailing around nor is the player struggling to keep the car steady. Following the mould will have cars easily gaining more speed and covering more distance, using the structure to carry the speed of the car.

Throttle Boost

The throttle boost only occurs at the start of the race. While the signal begins, players can rev up their car at the starting line. However, the moment the counter hits “1”, players can start revving up their cars. For those using controllers, repeatedly tap “X” whereas those using keyboards use “W”. With that, players can receive a speed boost at the start of the game which is quite helpful especially for those who are racing against cars with bigger engines.

However, do not hit throttle until the “GO” circle is on the screen.

Braking at Jumps

Flying high up in the air sometimes wastes more time than it does help. While it can guarantee a person more hang time to perform tricks for Reputation, it may cost the person the race.

Loop the Loop

Unlike Wall-Riding, Loop the Loop involves the player crawling all over the tube. The momentum sends the car up and around, creating an image that the car is running upside down. The car every now and then will slide but letting the car go with the momentum will grant it speed boosts. At the same time, the physics is similar to that of Wall-Riding in which players no need to deal with the car fish-tailing anywhere.

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