[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Tips And Tricks: How To Survive a Deathmatch

This article contains tips and tricks for surviving a Deathmatch in Grand Theft Auto V.

Tips And Tricks: How To Survive a Deathmatch

The Deathmatch is where players do nothing but kill each other. Each kill the player performs allows them to loot the player. However, this also includes the suicide penalty. Whether or not the player performs it intentionally or accidentally, the game will still impose the penalty in which the player loses $100.

In GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto V), players now have a new variety of deathmatches. There’s the standard deathmatch in which players play a Battle Royale type match – kill or be killed. There’s also team deathmatch in which players will group up to take down another team of players. Finally, there’s a vehicle deathmatch where players slam their cars into one another or sabotage cars to kill one another.

Strafe left and right while sniping

This is best performed when the player is on first-person shooter. As a first person shooter, players have an easier chance of aiming the gun. While strafing left and right, activate the scope to take the shot. Because of this trick, players becoming a harder target to hit. Hold down the sprint button to aim better and faster to prevent taking damage.

Stay out of the open

The maps in Grand Theft Auto V can range from tight corners to wide open maps. Being in a wide open map leaves one open to getting hit by a variety of weapons. The weapons include getting hit with a Rocket Barrage which most PC players may use due to the adjustments they can do. Staying close to cover not only allows the player to observe the movements of other players.

Don’t just run and grab the loot

While gaining loot is a good idea, more veteran players use this trick to lure other players. They prey on more desperate players, especially those who have no weapons. They exchange the weapon for a weaker one while hiding a nook or cranny which allows them to snipe. And if they also perform tip #1 at the same time, they are a more difficult target to attack.

Always check for other players

Whether or not in standard or team Deathmatch, checking where the other players are is a technique called map awareness. Being aware of the map not only includes noticing what loot is nearby but also how many players are closing in. If the player intends to go through a team clash, make sure the numbers are equal. Having one’s numbers stacked against him can cause problems and the player will not only lose money but waste time trying to even out the battle.

Do not rely heavily on the Mini Map

The Mini-Map in Free Mode may show other players. However, the mini-map in Deathmatch only features the enemy player based on how much noise they’re making. Hence, players may make the mistake of using the Deathmatch as a means to chart how far the enemy is. Thus, do not rely heavily on the map unless the player is trying to count how many players are there in the arena.

Utilize the weapon button

Using the weapon button allows the player to swing back and forth between battle mode and non-battle mode. In doing so, this enhances the player’s mobility. Since being in battle mode slightly slows down the player’s speed, swapping between holding a weapon and not holding the weapon will allow the player to hide easily.

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