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Deathmatch Parachuting Adversary
Stunt Plane Trials Survival Capture
Last Team Standing Time Trial Content Creator
Free Mode Criminal Damage

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Come Out To Play Siege Mentality Hasta La Vista
Cross the Line Hunting Pack Hunt the Beast
Keep the Pace Offense Defense Relay
Sumo Inch by Inch Slasher
Beast Vs. Slasher Til Death Do Us Part Juggernaut
Dawn Raid Trading Places Power Play
Entourage Resurrection Tiny Racers
Slipstream Lost vs. Damned Deadline
Kill Quota Turf Wars Vehicle Vendetta
Collection Time Running Back Rhino Hunt
In and Out

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Game Overview

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) is the latest installment to the critically-acclaimed Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series, featuring free-roaming open-world action gameplay, compelling and realistic characters and storyline, and a variety of challenging missions throughout a massive metropolis. Gaining massive popularity, as well as controversy, since the first installment released in 1997, the series has become the fourth highest-selling video game franchise of all time (just below Nintendo’s Mario and Pokemon franchises, and Tetris). From its debut, it has now sold more than 250 million units.

The series is known for depicting real-world criminal activity and organizations, most notably the Mafia and other violent syndicates. Players have access to a variety of weapons, equipment, outfits and other items to complete the main story missions, as well as optional or side missions. To travel around the massive cities, players can hijack various vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, aircraft and boats to help them reach mission locations. As a free-roaming open world-game, Grand Theft Auto does not adopt a time limit while exploring the game’s setting. This allows the player to engage in various activities, both legal and otherwise, as they interact with random citizens, story characters, and police authorities.

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) follows the story of protagonists Michael Townley, Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips in the fictional state of San Andreas (resembling Southern California). The three criminals are out to commit heists, with the government agencies closely monitoring their activities. The game retains the trademark “wanted” system found in previous games, where the police become more aggressive in arresting the player or killing them on sight as the player commits more crimes throughout the game. The game has both a single-player and multipayer mode, with the first focusing on Grand Theft Auto V’s (GTA 5) intricate narrative. The latter, Grand Theft Auto Online, allows up to 30 players to roam the game’s massive environment as they take on various missions with or against other players.


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Title Grand Theft Auto V
Genre Action / Adventure
Platform Playstation 3 / Playstation 4 / Xbox One / Microsoft Windows
Publisher Rockstar North
Developer Rockstar Games
Release date September 17, 2013