[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] What is the Weapon Wheel?

This article contains information as to how the Weapon Wheel in Grand Theft Auto V [GTA V] works in the game.

Weapon Wheel

The Weapon Wheel is a function that appears in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown WarsGrand Theft Auto V and, Grand Theft Auto Online. Unlike the other games, the Weapon Wheel exists in order for players to have an easier time swapping weapons. Instead of having to scroll through the weapons, the developers formatted the menu similar to that of the Radio Wheel and the Character Wheel.

This particular feature also allows players to hold two or more guns of the same kind. One example would be the player being able to hold both an MP5 and a Micro-SMG.

How does the Weapon Wheel work?

On the Weapon Wheel, there are eight different slots:

  1. Top slot holds handguns such as the Stun Gun, AP Pistol, etc.
  2. Top-right slot holds SMGs and LMGs.
  3. Right slot holds Assault Rifle such as the Carbine Rifle.
  4. The bottom-right slot holds sniper rifles such as the Heavy Sniper Rifle.
  5. Bottom slot is the unarmed/melee weapons slot.
  6. The bottom-left holds shotguns such as the Pump Action Shotgun and the Musket.
  7. The left slot holds heavy weapons such as the Grenade Launcher and Minigun.
  8. Lastly, the top-left slot holds thrown explosives and the Jerry Can.

When the player checks the middle of the weapon wheel, players can see the weapon’s name, inventory place, and total of the weapon type. Players can also check the attachments placed on the weapon. At the top right corner, there are stats. With it, there is a colored line representing the enhancement. If the line is blue then, the weapon went through an enhancement. But if the line is red then, the weapon suffered in quality. If there’s a parachute in the player’s inventory then, it will appear on the bottom right of the wheel. It should be next to the Sniper Rifle slot. After patch 1.16.0, people can now see the number of parachutes they have.

Upon activation, the slots will show the current amount of ammo in the weapon. There will also be a line that shows the actual weapon. To activate the weapon, player must deactivate the highlighted slot. Not all weapons share ammo which adds to the challenge in the game.

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