[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] How to Max Out All Stats

This page contains a guide on how to max out all stats in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5), including the fastest, easiest and most efficient methods to do level them up in the game, as well as recommended missions and locations.

How to Max Out All Stats

There are various stats that players need to level-up in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) which are enhanced by doing various activities found throughout the game. Below are some of the easiest methods to increase each stat to its maximum level, as well as recommended activities, missions and locations to do them.


Find a bus and jump on top of it. Once on the bus, stomp on it as the bus cruises around town. You’ll need to careful you don’t fall off since the bus is constantly moving. Another method is to take a Contact Mission (preferably the one from Gerald) where there won’t be any cops going after you. After taking the mission, you can head to the pier or anywhere where there is a lot of people and start punching them.

You can also open the creator and start a deathmatch. You need to set the kill count to 50 and remember to set up the spawn points to be near each other. Afterwards, use Jerry can as the forced weapon. For the time limit, set it up to be reasonably high then save the created deathmatch. Start the deathmatch and just kill everyone until no one is left.

Golf can also increase strength much more than any of the other sports.


Similar to increasing strength, you can max out the Shooting stat by jumping on the bus and shooting it at the middle. Just remember to bring as much pistol ammo as you can. You can also do survival missions or the Ammunation Shooting Ranges challenges. It is recommended to unlock the AP pistol before completing all of the challenges (the third pistol challenges lets you use the AP pistols auto-fire, which will be easy if you strafe from side to side while aimed at the target).


Riding a bicycle and taking it to any of the game’s highways is a good way of maxing out your stamina. Another way is to take a swim in the ocean and putting a rubber band on you controller (this will allow you to swim in a circle). You can also do Triathlons to easily level up stamina.


Similar to maxing out stamina, going into stealth mode and walking around will increase your stealth stat over time. Put on a rubber band again on your controller and it should be maxed at around an hour or a little longer.


You can get on a motorbike at night to the Olympus Freeway while avoiding incoming cars and other vehicles. It is big road running north-east out of the city. The driving stat increases faster the more near-misses you make.

Lung Capacity

Generally, the lung capacity stat is improved by swimming underwater. If you have a scuba gear, you can dive and keep yourself underwater to gradually increase the stat. If not, just swim underwater and occasionally come up for air. This is one of the hardest stats to max in the game.


You can go into the flight schools or do air races to quickly increase the flying stat. Another method is to get a small single-propeller plane and go to Trevor’s air field. You will need to perform bunny hops (after quickly taking off, you have to let the wheels touch the ground for a second, then increase altitude again) to constantly “take off” and “land” multiple times, which should be done correctly for them to be counted.

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