[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Tips and Tricks: Using the HVY Nightshark

This page contains a guide on the HVY Nightshark in GTA V’s Grand Theft Auto Online. The guide includes a tip on how to get the vehicle as well as a performance description stating its strengths and weaknesses.

HVY Nightshark

The HVY Nightshark is one of the newest vehicles that was introduced in the Gunrunning update last June. With a lot of new vehicles getting a lot of customization features, the HVY Nightshark will be one of the first SUVs to get this feature.

How to Get the HVY Nightshark

You can get this armored SUV by purchasing it from the Warstock website for $1,245,000. This vehicle is not cheap, so in order for you to have enough money to buy the SUV, you must earn a lot of money through businesses. Click here to know more on how to get more money in GTA Online.

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HVY Nightshark Strategy/Performance

This armored SUV has good acceleration and good top speed despite its size. In addition, the Nightshark also has good handling, which is good for vehicle deathmatches where you have to turn constantly, although it might be difficult to turn the vehicle at first due to its weight so you have to practice drifting on this vehicle well.

The Nightshark is also heavy-duty because of its sealed hood, which makes the engine not visible for enemies to gun down. Its reinforced bumper can also push over other vehicles very easily, and it also has ballistic glass windows making its almost invulnerable against smaller caliber weapons in the game.

Also, the Nightshark can survive four Rocket Launcher rockets before being destroyed by a fifth one.

Its built-in machine guns can deal moderate damage against normal vehicles, but they are almost ineffective against other armored vehicles. The machine guns can only aim at the front of the Nightshark, but it can often “track” the target using an in-game aim assist.

Although it has offensive capabilities, the Nightshark is mostly perfect for defensive purposes and hit and run situations due to its heavy duty body and reinforced bumper.

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