[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Weapon Priority List

This article contains the Weapon Priority List in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5). It includes the Levels (Ranking) and the corresponding recommended Weapons

This article contains the Weapon Priority List in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5). It includes the Levels (Ranking) and the corresponding recommended Weapons.

Weapon Priority List

Level Progression

The following is a summary of recommended Weapons which match your corresponding Level Progression and consequently your starting budget in GTA Online.


First on the list is the Machine Pistol which is comes at a price of $6,250. Apart from the affordable value, it is beginner-friendly.

Special Carbine which is a versatile weapon, is offered at $14,750. It has been a staple for most players because of its accuracy.

In the Sniper Rifles department, the Marksman Rifle which comes with a semi-auto configuration can withstand distant encounters. Highly coveted for its excellence when engaging in Missions that require long range firing. It is set at $15,750.


Upon reaching Rank 5, it unlocks the Micro SMG priced at $3,750. This Submachine Gun is tailored for drive-bys. Be sure to practice lining those shots beforehand to make up for its rather shaky accuracy.

Sticky Bombs which are priced at $600 are controllable explosives which are compatible for drive-by tactics. Be mindful of the blast radius when deciding to plant them.

Avail of the Homing Launcher to have it chase the target. The only downside to this weapon is that it requires a generous sum of $75,000.

At least 30

Upon attaining Level 30s, this will open up the big guns capable of denting holes on unfortunate targets.

The earliest weapon unlocked is the Assault Shotgun, an SG that can be set to automatic. It is reliable for finishing Missions, and can be bought for a reasonable amount of $10,000.

Next is the Carbine Rifle which can be obtained at 42. Boasting exceptional accuracy and offering automatic configuration, it can adjust to both CQC and distant encounters. It can be purchased for $13,000.

Reaching the upper echelon will unlock even more deadly weapons.

The Grenade Launcher which appears after reaching Rank 60, is particularly sought after for clearing Heists. Blast your way through groups of enemies to navigate to safety. Keep in mind that it comes at a high price of $32,000.

By attaining Rank 90, this unlocks the Heavy Sniper which will be a favorite for long distance shooting. At a price of $38,150, it will require further spending if you plan to invest heavily on this weapon. For additional upgrades be sure to check out the Mobile Operation Center.

Although difficult to handle, landing on the 100s will unlock the RPG capable of destroying tanks. Despite lacking the homing effect of the Homing Launcher, it deals more significant damage. Feel free to pass on this weapon and save up for the Minigun.

Upon reaching Rank 120, this will unlock the Minigun, sporting an unparalleled fire-rate of 3000 rounds per minute. Great for clearing waves of enemies, air and ground vehicles. As opposed to the Homing Launcher, this Heavy Weapon comes at an excellent price of $50,000.

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