[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Melee Weapon Guides

This page contains a guide on how to properly use your equipped melee weapon to maximize its effectiveness against your opponents.

Melee Weapon Guides

Antique Cavalry Dagger

The antique cavalry dagger is like your old regular kitchen knife. The only difference is that it provides a hand-guard to protect you from being disarmed. Use your antique cavalry dagger like you would with a knife, lunge in to your opponent as it is a weapon that requires close-range quarter combat. You can also use this weapon underwater and slice your enemies turning the water red.

Baseball Bat

Baseball bats are your basic blunt weapon if you’re not the type of guy that doesn’t like to slice and dice. Use your baseball bat aggressively as it provides a decent range to work with. Unlike your typical melee weapons though, baseball bats’ main source of damage is by bashing your enemy. You can’t deal damage to them just by simply poking them with your bat.

Brass Knuckles

Brass knuckles are a bit harder to handle as you’re basically fighting with your fists. The only difference is that you have more solid knuckles. You can play your brass knuckles defensively, waiting for your opponent to miss provided that they’re also wielding melee weapons; and then hit them when they leave an opening. You can also opt to be aggressive as you have very short range so you would need to close in to your enemy as fast as possible.

Broken Bottle

Broken bottles are also short-ranged weapons that you can not unfortunately use underwater. At least compared to the brass knuckles, it has a better range. You should use this weapon knowing that it would deal more damage if you lunge and poke your enemy with it.

Butterfly Knife

Butterfly knives are also the same as your regular knives so there isn’t much to talk with besides it being aesthetically different. Remember that compared to long-ranged weapons, you obviously have a disadvantage so it’s best to fight as close as possible so you can actually deal damage to your opponent.


Canes have decent range and is a little bit longer compared to that of the baseball bat. Unlike the baseball bat, canes are not as bulky as the baseball bat. But you can continuously hit your enemy over and over again since it’s not as heavy.


Chainsaws require a lot of patience as you actually need to aim it to a moving enemy. Chainsaws are heavy so you will have a hard time hitting your opponents. But they will deal massive damage as long as you can stick it in the guys of your enemy and slice them up from there. Be careful when aiming though as the weapon will be very hard to handle due to its weight.


Yes, chisels can be used as weapons. Although they have a different purpose in the game compared to their invention, they still can do significant damage. Like the knives, chisels have just about the same range so again, you need to get close to your enemy before you can actually hit them. Just avoid their weapons if they are long-ranged and slowly move in to close the gap for you to chop them up with your trusty chisel.


Not only are crowbars use to break locks and bend steel, crowbars can also be used to effectively murder people. Crowbars have a hook-like head and can deal serious amounts of damage if you can continuously hit your enemy with it. Use it like you would a baseball bat since it is heavier than the cane.

Fire Ax

Fire axes aren’t only effective for breaking down doors and rescuing people trapped under fires. Nope, fire axes can also break down people literally very effectively. Fire axes can be used the same as baseball bats since they are heavy, but have a slight advantage since they can cleave people in half compared to the usual baseball bat that just leads to head traumas.


And you thought chisels were weird. Yes, in GTA V, you can use your flashlight to bash peoples’ head in. Unlike the your regular knives, flashlights do not have any poking capabilities. So you have to use your flashlight like you would with your baseball bat but with a lot of reduced range.


This list gets weirder and weirder. Yup, flowers can also be equipped as a melee weapon to deal damage to your opponents. It can be used like you would with the flashlight, just bash people’s head with it since it doesn’t possess any sharp edges and supposedly should not be solid and heavy enough to be used as a blunt weapon, but here it is being used as one.

Gaff Hook

Gaff hooks are basically the same as your typical wooden cane. It’s a tool to pull out fish out of the water as a support to you picking it up. Unfortunately it can’t be used like that on people but it deals just about the same amount of damage as your cane. Gaff hooks have range so use it well within its range.

Golf Club

Golf clubs are supposed to be just used as a tool to help you achieve that hole-in-one. Use your golf clubs again like you would your baseball bat. It is a blunt weapon that can be used to effectively zone out your opponent as you swing it randomly at your enemies making you very unpredictable and inaccurate as well.


Hammers are also considered blunt weapons but the only problem is that it is very short-ranged. You can’t effectively use it if you’re too scared to come close to your enemy. So be sure to close in to your opponent and bash them as fast as possible since your weapon is small and you can wind up easily over and over again.


Hatches are like your axes but a shorter. Use hatches like you would with your hammer, swinging it downwards to swiftly take out your opponents. Although hatchets are short-ranged, they can still be pretty effective once you get close to your enemies and hack them from within.

Hockey Stick

Hockey sticks like the golf club, are used for hockey so that you can shoot your put in your opponents goal. Use it like you would with baseball bats and swing it downwards. Hockey sticks can also be used to bash people effectively so long as you don’t break it. I mean, it is after all wooden, right? Treat it with care like you would with your guitar, and just use it when you’re enraged beyond any comprehensible rational meaning.


Now at least this a melee weapon whose purpose was for killing people exclusively. Katanas are very light to use, have sharp edges, and can cut from every angle. You can poke your enemy with it, and slice them from every side. Use your katana’s range to your advantage and swipe at every direction.


Knives have been discussed over and over again on how it can be used so going at it again would just drown you with the same advice as you have read above. But for the sake of formalities, knives are short-ranged katanas that needs close-ranged combat to be used effectively. So get close to your enemy as much as possible so you can deal maximum damage and use your weapon efficiently.


Machetes are like your melee weapon knives, but longer, and are like katanas, but shorter. Machetes are your mid-ranged melee weapon that offers slicing capability to your enemies. Since you have room to work with unlike the knife, and a little bit disadvantage with range unlike the katana, you are best positioned somewhere a little bit farther than that of the knife to deter anything shorter than your machete and gain your advantage from there, and a little closer than the katana for you to deal damage with your machete.

Meat Cleaver

Meat cleavers are like your regular knives but has a little more weight in them. Meat cleavers don’t have any poking potential as well so it’s best to use it like you would when you want to hack a person in half. Get close as much as possible so that you can cleave your opponents in two.


Nightsticks are used by law enforcement to keep would-be robbers at bay. These are typically used as a less violent method of subjugating criminals as it is a blunt weapon meant to disable and deter criminals from fighting back. Use your nightstick like you would with your other blunt weapons and bash their heads in.

Pool Cue

Pool cues are really long. So it wouldn’t be much to keep your enemies at bay by just shoving this pool cue at them and poking them from a distance. Use the pool cue by taking mind of its long range advantage. Keep it at a distance and you’ll be good to go.


Screwdrivers are like your typical melee weapon shanks in prisons but with multi-purposes like screwing and unscrewing screws. You could also screw your enemies quite literally if you want. Use the screwdriver to poke your enemies in close-ranged quarter combats as it is the only means of attack it offers.


Shovels are for digging up soil or to bury that player that you murdered but surprisingly shovels can also be used as weapons. Shoves can be used like that of a bladed weapon or like a blunt weapon since it offers both. It can cut both ways and can pound your opponent to oblivion too!


Switchblades are just like your regular set of knives and are used just like it as well. As I have mentioned already, you should use it like you would use that of the regular knife and always aim for close quarter combat as much as possible to deal the most amount of damage.


Swords are meant to slice your opponents in half. Swords are your standard melee weapon that are light and are very easy to use as well so you can quickly get the gist of it.

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