[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Cars Guide

This article contains a Beginner's Guide to Cars in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA5).

This article contains a Beginner’s Guide to Cars in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA5). It includes an introduction, details on Los Santos Customs, and some tips on how to obtain Cars.

Cars Guide

The car first appears during the Franklin and Lamar Story Mission, is one of the methods of transportation across Los Santos.

Currently, GTA V showcases as much as 485 controllable vehicles, with 16 of these available only during Single Player, and a whopping 206 DLC vehicles.

Cars are filed under Compact, Coupes, Emergency, Muscle, Sedan, Sports Cars, Sports Classics, Super, SUVs, and Vans. Cars comprise 10 out of the 23 possible vehicle categories.

How to Carjack

Living the life of a rebel entails developing Carjacking as a necessary Skill. As with all minor crimes, Carjacking raises your Wanted Level by 1 star.

Before you make a move, assess first the target vehicle whether it is unoccupied or occupied.

Unoccupied Vehicles can be easily hijacked if it is open. Locked vehicles however require lockpicking in situations where the character manages to have not incurred any Wanted levels. However, even at least 1 Wanted level will force him to employ shattering the car’s glass.

Occupied Vehicles require additional methods to hijack. Upon encountering the car, approach the side of the driver’s seat, this will prompt the character to throw the guy out. It is possible to hijack from the passenger’s seat, this will result in driving out the person inside, or in the case of occupied passenger seats, will cause the passenger to be pulled out of his seat. Some cars can be easily stolen, this consists of moving cars which can be exploited by pressing the carjack button in succession near the moving car, which causes the car to stop.

When armed with a firearm, the character can also threaten the driver or passenger by drawing the gun. Certain weapons also show exclusive animations. In the case of the character armed with an Assault Rifle, interacting with an occupied car can result in shattering the car’s window using the gunstock, harming the driver in the process.

Carjacking dangers

Carjacking is nothing without exposing the carjacker to an equal threat. Taxi Drivers and Gang members in particular do not always back out from a fight, and will either retaliate by forcing the hijacker out, or start a fight if he has his own contraband.

Other vehicles will attract the attention of police if the car alarm is triggered. When this happens, the character will receive a Wanted level of 1 star for arousing the suspicion of nearby Police.

Doing Errands for Simeon

Each in-game Day, Simeon will ask you to hijack Cars parked at the streets. You will then have to deliver it to his Warehouse found at the docks.

Sometimes, the vehicles would have an Arrow above to distinguish it from the rest. This indicates a high-priority vehicle which costs more than the ones he asks from texts.

Other times, you will come across Gang Vehicles which differ from the above mentioned ones since they already come with modifications. Similar to the High-Priority Vehicles, these can be sold for more earnings.

Profit at Los Santos Customs

One of the fastest ways to earn money is to sell stolen Cars. This excludes cars that can be obtained for free, personal cars, “too hot” cars, and some luxury vehicles which consist of those whose values reach at least $50,000. Price for stolen vehicles that can be sold usually range between $500 up to $17,500.

However, bear in mind that there is a limit to this method. The game only allows you to sell a vehicle once a day (this rolls over every 48 minutes during real-time). Moreover, the value for selling a vehicle in Los Santos Customs will decrease by the amount required to have it fixed. In essence, the profit remains the same regardless if the car is fixed or not.

Click here to see Money Farming.


One of the more interesting mechanics in the game is that it has a built-in indicator for assessing the speed of the protagonist. In this case, the protagonist’s facial expression will change to suit the speed at which he is driving the car.

GTA Online Connectivity

It is possible to obtain Free Cars by connecting the GTA Online Updates to GTA 5’s Single Player.

This process requires that you must first acquire the Garage. Head to the Garage then select right to bring up the Special Vehicles tab. Whichever Vehicles that will appear on the list can be selected free of charge, this includes vehicles that have not been purchased yet during online play. There are around 19 unlockable Vehicles, each of which is customizable from the Los Santos Customs.

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