[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] About the Game Modes

This article contains information about the game modes in Grand Theft Auto V [GTA 5].

About the Game Modes

Grand Theft Auto V [GTA 5] has a variety of game modes. There are single player modes which involve the player going through the story. Majority of his missions involve his businesses such as buying and selling of precious cargo, asset recovery, or importing-exporting cars. However, there is also a multiplayer mode which allows players to interact with other players online.

List of Multiplayer Game Modes

Game Mode Description
Adversary Players divide into two teams: the hunters and the hunted.
Stunt Racing Players battle it out in a treacherous racing course which tests their ability to not only be fast. But, to also control their speed.
Deathmatch 2-16 players are thrown into a battlefield to fight to the death. There are three different kinds of deathmatches: standard, team, and vehicle.
Last Team Standing Players group up together and battle other teams. However, teammates do not respawn and must spectate majority of the time should they die.
Free Mode Anything can happen in this mode including racing, death match, last team standing, and others.
Mission Mode Players can enlist the aid of other characters to complete a select amount of missions to gain money.
Capture Players must protect their cargo but try to steal the opposing team’s cargo. When playing this mode, vehicles can also damage players.
Time Trial Race against other players in a battle against time.
Content Creator When players activate this mode, players can create their own maps with their own set of mechanics.
Survival Similar to Left for Death, players must defend their field from an onslaught of NPCs. Only a maximum of 4 players can play in this mode.
Stunt Plane Trials The trials are similar to Time Trial except with planes.
Raid Players raid another players base to loot their cargo and cash.
Criminal Damage Player needs to destroy everything in sight. The player with the highest cost of damages wins the game.
Parachute Jump In order to complete these missions, the player needs to leap off certain areas and land safely on the landmark.

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