[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Tips and Tricks to Stunt Racing

This article contains tips and tricks on how to win Stunt Racing in Grand Theft Auto V [GTA 5].

Tips and Tricks to Stunt Racing

Stunt Racing is another form of racing found in Grand Theft Auto V [GTA 5]. Commonly an online event, players who enter this particular mode can perform a variety of tricks. With 10 cars added to the roster, players can now go through a variety of obstacles which will allow them to perform certain types of tricks. The arena can accommodate up to sixteen players in-game. In order to win, the player must be able to survive the stunts and cross the finish line.

In engaging Stunt Racing, here are some tips and tricks to help win Stunt Races:


Practice takes some time especially when mastering certain tricks to finish the race. As the player goes through the race track, there are several obstacles and styles of tracks which can be quite confusing. Some of the tracks also include speed boosts especially while using a slingshot to get past the opponent in a single movement. Perfecting the tricks can also take time which is why practice is quite important.

Expect everyone to ram you

As you’re winning and this is a game that does not penalize ramming, many cars will ram in order to spin the other player out. Because of the strong presence of physics in Grand Theft Auto V [GTA V], players can either spin out or flip around when rammed in different directions. This is where players have to learn how to drive defensively instead of trying to constantly attack the enemy.

Use the handbrake

In Stunt Races, players are capable of performing tricks such as barrel rolls, flips, and somersaults. However, these tricks require a certain amount of hang time or air time to land them properly. As the player goes around performing tricks, there’s also a big possibility that the trick will end up wrong. In order to prevent this, hold the button that uses the handbrake and spin the car for a full 360 degree. In doing so, the player can land the trick and at the same time earn RP (Reputation).

Use the Slowdown Strips

While racing through the race tracks, there are portions of the track known as Slowdown Strips. As players run through steep jumps and other forms of obstacles, there’s a particular portion known as the Slowdown Strip. However, there’s a particular mechanic in which if there are two cars: the first one to cross will slowed more drastically than the one behind. Because of this, it can give players a chance to either zoom past or to simply nudge the racer up front to cause them to crash.

Hang-back Gliding

This trick applies only to those who use motorcycles in racing for Grand Theft Auto V [GTA V]. When using this trick, this allows the player to gain more speed and distance. This also creates an illusion that the motorcycle is “gliding” throughout the race track. To do this, hold the lean back button which will pull the motorcycle back. Doing so, the motorcycle will start “gliding” and gain more hang-time. As the vehicle gains more hang-time, the player can also gain more distance as they cross.


While this trick normally appears as Tony Hawk skateboarding trick, this also applies in Grand Theft Auto V. When using this trick, players don’t need to stay on the same level as players can also use the slingshot from the structure. By using the slingshot in the tube, players can gather more speed and an extra “boost”. This allows them to burst past other racers, easily gaining them the finish line.

Green Pad = Speed

Never forget to take the glowing green pad on the road. It gives an extra speed boost and momentum to give you a chance to speed past the opponent.

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