[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Mark II (MK II) Weapons Guide

This article contains an explanation of the Mark II Weapons in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5). It includes an overview on How to get started, a summary of MK II Weapons, the Special Attachments, and Special Rounds.

This article contains an explanation of the Mark II Weapons in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5). It includes an overview on How to get started, a summary of MK II Weapons, the Special Attachments, and Special Rounds.

Mark II (MK II) Weapons Guide

Mark II weapons are basically enhanced variants of the default weapons. These tactical customizations provide firepower, accuracy, fire-rate boosts, while reducing recoil. However, these upgrades are not free-of-charge. If you intend to invest on a MK II with full mods, be sure to prepare a generous sum of cash.

Apart from the above mentioned enhancements, upgrading a weapon to MK II will also allow it to be compatible to augmentations and special ammunition. Design-wise, it also introduces liveries that transform weapons into aesthetic tools of war.

How to Get Started

To augment your weapon to MK II you need to first setup the business in the Disruption Logistics. This entails assigning Staff and conducting Research.

You need to purchase a Mobile Operations Center abbreviated MOC from the Warstock Website to avail of the modifications. Be sure to prepare a generous sum of $1,225,000 in exchange. This will provide you with the MOC Weapon Workshop giving you access to a selection of MK II Weapons, and several of the Mod attachments compatible with them.

MK II Weapons

The list includes the available MK II Weapons made available during the Gunrunning Update.

Pistol MK II

In comparison to its predecessor, the Pistol MK II has improved firepower reaching up to 32 which is 6 points higher than the standard while sharing the same fire-rate. The magazine capacity will reduce to 8 when loaded with Special Ammunition Rounds. Despite this modification, it still pales in comparison to auto weapons.


Provides higher firepower (25) which is 3 points higher than the standard SMG, in addition to a 10% faster fire-rate. Pairs well with the Hollow Point Rounds to effectively deal with targets lacking armor.

Combat MG MK II

Beats the standard by 2 points in terms of firepower. Rounds count will diminish to 80 when paired with special rounds. Fastening a Heavy Barrel attachment will reduce long-range damage to 50%.

Assault Rifle MK II

Attains an additional 10 points, in firepower compared to the standard AR. The higher damage per round allows it to excel when combined with Special ammunition at the expense of reducing rounds capacity.

Carbine Rifle MK II

Gives an additional point in firepower from 32 to 33, while preserving the fire-rate. Even with a slight adjustment, this reduces the sum of rounds needed to effectively eliminate the target when dealt to the chest.

Heavy Sniper MK II

Gains a substantial boost of 230 in firepower from the standard (216). This allows it to pair excellently with the Explosive Rounds to effectively decimate vehicles lacking Armor. In conjunction with the Thermal Scope, this grants additional effective range to scout even distant players. It deducts 4 rounds when stocked with the special ammunition. However, as the lone Sniper capable of an extended magazine attachment, it reaches up to 8 rounds.

  • The Mark II versions of the SMG, Assault Rifle, Carbine Rifle all share the same round capacity of 20 when swapping to Special Ammunition.
  • Attaching Heavy Barrel to the Mark II versions of the Combat MG, Assault Rifle, Carbine Rifle, and Heavy Sniper will reduce the long-range damage by 50% (point blank damage).

Special Attachments

MK II Weapons offer multiple special attachments to improve certain weapons. One of them provides recoil reduction through Compensators. On the other hand, Heavy Barrels bestow decreased damage dealt while providing effectiveness for distant encounters. Other attachments consist of Scopes such as the Holographic Scope which applies a Red Dot Sight for guided aiming.

Special Ammunition Rounds

The following includes a list of the Special Ammunition Rounds compatible with MK II Weapons.

Armor Piercing Bullets

As the name implies, these are rounds that can pierce through Body Armour. They are effective when dealt against targets clad in Armor.

Explosive Rounds

Upon coming in contact, these will result in a destructive blast to those caught in the radius. Best when fired against Hydra Jets and Kuruma. Bear in mind that the radius is not as wide.

Full Metal Jacket Rounds

These rounds are effective in shattering Bulletproof glass such as those on a Kuruma, and Armored Vehicles such as Kuruma (Armored).

Hollow Point Rounds

Contrary to the Armor Piercing and Full Metal Jacket Rounds, these rounds can deal serious damage to targets bereft of Armor.

Incendiary Bullets

When struck, these have a high chance to spread fire. Incendiary Bullets are effective for catching a crouched target off guard during shootouts.

Tracer Bullets

Not much difference to offer other than these bullets will match the palette of the gun.

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