[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA5] Recommended Weapons

This article contains the Recommended Weapons in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA5). It includes the Weapon Category, Strategy, and alternative options.

This article contains the Recommended Weapons in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA5). It includes the Weapon Category, Strategy, and alternative options.

Recommended Weapons


Sharing its place with the Micro SMG as the only weapon that can be fired while controlling a vehicle, the AP Pistol offers a full-auto configuration. Sporting a decent fire-rate, if you can afford to fasten an extended clip attachment, it raises the amount of rounds to 36.

Light Machine Guns and Submachine Gun

The Combat MG packs a punch when dealing with other vehicles and helicopters because of its outstanding firerate, damage, stability, and Magazine clip capacity. When starting from the Assault SMG, aim to upgrade to the Normal MG first then finally to the Combat MG.

Even though LMGs outweigh SMGs, the Full-Auto Micro SMG deserves a mention as it tends to be useful during drive-by tactics.

Assault Rifle

The grand daddy of all MGs, the Assault Rifles generally deal serious damage and offer superior stability in comparison to their smaller counterparts. Capitalize on the Special Carbine to practice lining up those headshots. DLC aside, the Bullpup Rifle is a decent substitute as it grants high fire-rate, long-range support yet reduced accuracy.

Sniper Rifle

Once you reach the higher Ranks, be sure to reward yourself with the Heavy Sniper which outstrips the basic ones’ damage, range, and stability. Players looking for a decent alternative should consider the Last Man Standing Update weapon, the Marksman Rifle. Swap between the Sniper Rifle and the Marksman Rifle until you unlock the Heavy Sniper.


Introduced in the I’m not a Hipster Update, the Antique Cavalry Dagger sums up most of the effects that a standard knife has to offer while adding not only style but damage as well.

Another recommended Melee is the Hatchet. Other than its intimidating appearance which takes notes from slasher films, is also a quick weapon.


In GTA Online, the Shotgun you will select should be tailored to your play style. When it comes to fire-rate, majority of the other Shotguns pale in comparison to the Assault Shotgun which offers a 5/10 rating. Adding attachments such as the 32 capacity Extended Clip, and its full-auto setting will ensure that you minimize reloading while out in the open.

Meanwhile, those wishing to deal as much damage as possible should try out the Bullpup Shotgun. Despite facing a stiff competition against the Sawed-off Shotgun, it offers more Range and Capacity and as such is the more sustainable choice. In retrospect, it is better to have a well-rounded weapon even in the face of danger, as sacrificing pure raw offense for Stability can easily backfire when faced with multiple threats.

Heavy Weapon

It will take a while to reach the higher Ranks to net yourself a valuable Heavy Weapon. At the moment stick to the Grenade Launcher then swap to the Minigun. The Minigun is capable of blowing a hostile threat whether choppers, or policemen into smithereens in minutes.


Not much to say about throwables. Keep a stash of standard Frag Grenades to eliminate clusters of enemies in hiding.

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