[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Unlimited Parachute Glitch

This article contains information and how to trigger the Unlimited Parachute Glitch in Grand Theft Auto V [GTA 5].

Unlimited Parachute Glitch

While Parachuting is fun and all, sometimes the player can lose their parachute mid-way. And if the player is free-falling, that’s a bad thing waiting to happen. Thus, some players decided to exploit a couple of glitches including something they called the Unlimited Parachute Glitch. When using this glitch, players can spawn an unlimited amount of parachutes. This allows players to land safely especially when parachuting or doing some parachute jump missions. To exploit this glitch, here are the steps the player needs to take to unlock it:

  1. Open interactive menu and go to Motorcycle Club.
  2. Then, register oneself as the President of the Motorcycle Club.
  3. Next, head to Style and then select Parachute.
  4. Then, place a Parachute on your character.
  5. Head back to the Motorcycle Club and then disband.
  6. After that, return back to the interactive menu and register as a CEO.
  7. When you’re done, head to SecuroServeCEO then select Style and then CEO Style.
  8. Then, before changing style, make sure the parachute is still on the character’s back.
  9. Then, head to Style to switch Parachute to OFF.
  10. When done, head back to SecuroServeCEO and head to management. Click CEO Style and toggle left and right between None and another style.
  11. With that, the player can now drop an infinite number of parachutes.

There, you have it. Players can now drop an infinite amount of parachutes even while walking around. Players often perform this trick online to show other players that they have a ton of parachutes waiting to be used. When in reality, this is simply a glitch and it does not count the number of parachutes dropped.

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