[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] What is Player Versus Player (PVP)?

This article contains information about what is player versus player or ‘PvP’ in Grand Theft Auto V [GTA5].

What is Player Versus Player (PvP)?


In Grand Theft Auto V, there is something known as Player-Killing or what players call as ‘PK’ is when players begin killing other players. In other games, this is also known as PvP or ‘Player versus Player‘. This particular feature is only available online which players can perform a variety of missions such as RacesDeathmatches, Versus Missions, and Parachute Jumps.

In PvP, the players enter a lobby. One lobby can hold up to 16-32 players depending on the console that the player is playing on. Unlike Grand Theft Auto IV’s [GTA 4] version of PvP, players cannot edit the session or create a new one. However, they can still join the existing PvP sessions created by other players. The particular session can hold up to 16 players depending on which feature players intend to play in.

In the PvP sessions, players can earn Job Points, Reputations, and Cash.


Races is a form of PvP where players pit their vehicle against one another. There are four kinds of races: Land Races, Air Races, Water Races, Bike Races, and Stunt Races. However, players can also activate Impromptu Races which can happen in the game’s Free Mode. However, there are also several kinds of races.

  • Lap Race 
    • Lap Races are a standard kind of race in which players run a number of laps depending on the host’s choice.
    • While most laps tantamount only to 2 or 3, the host can make at the most 99 laps.
    • Players play Time Attack in which the player will compete for the best time.
      • If the player wins with the shortest time, the player earns Reputation.
      • However, if the player manages to win with no collisions (or run a “clean lap”), they are also awarded Reputation points. When they do this, they must also be leading.
  • Point to Point Race
    • Players run through check points to win the race.
  • GTA Race
    • Players play a modified version of the Lap Race, adding weapons.
    • Physics here can really destroy one’s car as torn tires can cause the car to spin and force the players to throw the race.
    • Players who also have a high Wanted Level may also find themselves at a disadvantage due to some places being blocked off.
  • Rally Race
    • This is more cooperative in which two players will sit in the car. There’s one player who will tell the directions and the other one that has to drive.


Deathmatches is where players can compete against each other. Players then can shoot each other, run over each other, or even commit suicide. The players gain money from other dead players and an additional $100 for killing a player. However, suicide hits (unintentional and intentional) deduct $100 dollars from the player. If the player’s finances hit a negative amount, the remaining amount will remain 0.

Parachute Jumps

The name as it states, the player must grab a parachute and jump from a moving plane. As he leaps off, players may either have to hit several check points or just land on a particular check point to complete the mission. Players can receive 0, 5, 10, 15 points depending where the player lands.

Versus Missions

Players perform a variety of missions in which they fight as a team. The map can contain up to 16 players in which they have to complete the mission before the other team. Some of these missions include heists, retrieval, and killing a particular target.

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