Persona 3 Reload - Character List and Guides

All Persona 3 Reload (P3RE, Persona 3 Remake) characters, both playable and non-playable, including social link, support, and antagonist characters. This guide describes each character's persona, background information, and voice actor/actress. Persona 3 Reload (2024) is set to release on February 2, 2024, and will be playable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox PC Game Pass).

Persona 3 Reload (P3RE, Persona 3 Remake) - All Playable, Support, and Antagonist Character List and Guides

All Characters in Persona 3 Reload (P3RE)

Below is a list of characters in Persona 3 Reload (P3RE), including their Personas, background information, and their voice actor/actress.

Persona 3 Reload Former and Current Voice Actor List

SEES Main Characters

Character Initial Persona Background Voice Actor / Actress
Persona 3 Reload - Protagonist Character IconProtagonist Orpheus A second-year who transferred to Gekkoukan High School in the spring, returning to the island he used to live on as a child.

After a run-in with a frightening monster awakens him to the power of Persona, he is recruited by the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES).

The first Persona that awakens within him is Orpheus, but he turns out to be a special case who can swap between multiple Personas at will, giving the player great flexibility in battle strategy.

VA (JP): Akira Ishida
VA (EN): Aleks Le
Persona 3 Reload - Yukari Takeba Character IconYukari Takeba Io A second-year at Gekkoukan High School and a classmate of the Protagonist. Her cheerful personality and good looks attract many admirers, but beneath the pleasantries, she’s rather headstrong and aloof. She’s a member of SEES as a Persona-user, and after she and the Protagonist have a close call with a Shadow, she reconsiders her lack of battle experience and joins him on the front lines.

She utilizes her skills from the archery club to draw her bow in battle. Her unique Persona is Io, specializing in wind and healing skills.

VA (JP): Megumi Toyoguchi
VA (EN):
Heather Gonzalez
Persona 3 Reload - Junpei Iori Character Icon Junpei Iori Hermes Another of the Protagonist’s classmates, next to Yukari. He awakens to his Persona abilities shortly after the Protagonist transfers into the school, prompting him to join the rest of SEES in the Iwatodai Dorm. Quite the class clown, he’s always ready to joke around and lighten the mood… which isn’t always appreciated by the eye-rolling Yukari.

In battle, he uses a two-handed sword along with his unique Persona, Hermes. He specializes in physical and fire skills.

VA (JP): Kōsuke Toriumi
VA (EN):
Zeno Robinson
Persona 3 Reload - Akihiko Sanada Character IconAkihiko Sanada Polydeuces A third-year at Gekkoukan High School and one of the founding members of S.E.E.S. He’s the captain of the boxing team and excels in academics as well, earning him a lot of fans around school. He’s got an effortlessly cool and stoic personality, but can be stubborn and even a bit naive at times.

An injury sustained during combat with a Shadow holds him back for a little while, but ever eager to get back into the ring, he soon recovers and returns to his place on the front lines.

In battle, he uses his skills as a boxer to deliver a beatdown with his fists. His unique Persona, Polydeuces, specializes in physical and electrical skills.

VA (JP): Hikaru Midorikawa
VA (EN):
Alejandro Saab
Persona 3 Reload - Mitsuru Kirijo Character IconMitsuru Kirijo Penthesilea The heiress of a powerful international corporation, the Kirijo Group. She’s a third-year at Gekkoukan High School and serves as student council president. She also leads S.E.E.S. and organizes their operations.

With a business-like demeanor, she likes to keep everything in order. She is well respected as an honor student who excels in both studies and extracurriculars, but due to her high-class upbringing, she can be oblivious to things most folks would consider common sense.

As she is the head of the fencing team, she wields one-handed swords in battle. Her unique Persona is Penthesilea, specializing in ice and healing skills.

VA (JP): Rie Tanaka
VA (EN):
Allegra Clark
Persona 3 Reload - Fuuka Yamagishi Character IconFuuka Yamagishi Lucia A quiet and calm second-year at Gekkoukan High School. Less upstanding students take advantage of her timidness, turning her into a bullying target.

As a result of the bullying, she gets trapped within the Dark Hour and has to be rescued by the Protagonist and his friends. This experience leads her to awaken to the power of Persona and decide to join S.E.E.S. herself.

Her strengths lie in data collection and analysis, allowing her to support the team from the sidelines. Her unique Persona is Lucia.

VA (JP): Mamiko Noto
VA (EN):
Suzie Yeung
Persona 3 Reload - Aigis Character IconAigis Palladion A man-made Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon, 7th Generation. She joins SEES as an android with a humanlike heart, granting her the power of Persona.

She harbors a mysterious attachment to the Protagonist from the first day they meet. Initially coming across as cold and robotic, she begins to discover more human emotions through her experiences with the group.

In battle, she fires off an arsenal of weapons built into her mechanical body. Her unique Persona is Palladion, specializing in physical and support skills.

VA (JP): Maaya Sakamoto
VA (EN):
Dawn M. Bennett
Persona 3 Reload - Koromaru Character IconKoromaru Cerberus A dog who awakens to the power of Persona after a tragic event. Since his original owner-the priest of the dorm’s neighboring Naganaki Shrine-had passed away, the protagonist and friends take him in as a full-fledged member of SEES.

Clever, loyal, and friendly, he quickly becomes a beloved member of the group. He seems especially close to Aigis-who translates his barks-and Ken Amada, the elementary school student.

In battle, he wields a knife in his mouth. His unique Persona is Cerberus, specializing in dark skills.

VA (JP): Shinya Takahashi
VA (EN):
Persona 3 Reload - Ken Amada Character IconKen Amada Nemesis The youngest member of SEES-a 5th grader at Gekkoukan Elementary. After losing his mother in an accident, he comes to live at the Iwatodai Dorm.

After awakening to his Persona abilities, he joins SEES of his own accord. While he strives to act mature with his mannerisms, deep down he is still a child with a passion for superhero TV shows.

In battle, he holds a long spear in contrast to his short stature. His unique Persona is Nemesis, specializing in light skills.

VA (JP): Megumi Ogata
VA (EN):
Justine Lee
Persona 3 Reload - Shinjiro Aragaki Character IconShinjiro Aragaki Castor A third-year at Gekkoukan High, though he can rarely be seen at school. He was a founding member of SEES alongside Mitsuru and Akihiko. After distancing himself for about two years, a certain turn of events convinces him to rejoin the group.

While unapproachable at first glance, beneath the gruff exterior is a gentle heart and a knack for cooking. He even has a soft spot for animals, doting on Koromaru when no one is looking.

In battle, he bludgeons with weapons like axes. His unique Persona is Castor, specializing in hard-hitting physical attacks.

VA (JP): Kazuya Nakai
VA (EN):
Justice Slocum

Social Link Characters

Character Background Voice Actor / Actress
Persona 3 Reload - Kenji Tomochika Character Icon Kenji Tomochika A second-year at Gekkoukan High-one of your classmates. A good friend of Junpei’s who wastes no time asserting himself as your friend as well. He professes his love for older women and soon turns to you for advice on dating. VA (JP): Wataru Hatano
VA (EN): Joe Zieja
Persona 3 Reload - Hidetoshi Odagiri Character IconHidetoshi Odagiri A second-year at Gekkoukan High, vice president of the student council and head of the Disciplinary Committee. He’s known for his ruthless enforcement of rules, earning him the ire of the other students. Once you join the student council on Mitsuru’s recommendation, he seems to take an interest in you. VA (JP): Masaya Matsukaze
VA (EN): Austin Lee Matthews
Persona 3 Reload - Bunkichi Kitamura Character IconBunkichi Kitamura An old couple who run the used bookstore, Bookworms, in Iwatodai Strip Mall. Bunkichi is a jovial fellow with a touch of memory loss, while Mitsuko is kind and responsible, always keeping the store in order—and Bunkichi in line. Their playful dynamic speaks to the strength of their long marriage. A number of years ago, they lost their son—a teacher at Gekkoukan—in an accident, and have come to see the persimmon tree he planted in the courtyard as their last memento of him. VA (JP): Naoki Tatsuta
VA (EN):
Andre Sogliuzzo
Persona 3 Reload - Mitsuko Kitamura Character IconMitsuko Kitamura VA (JP): Sanae Takagi
VA (EN):
Susanne Blakeslee
Persona 3 Reload - Kazushi Miyamoto Character IconKazushi Miyamoto A second-year at Gekkoukan High-one of your classmates and a fellow member of the track and field team. He’s a star athlete who has ranked highly in competitions thanks to his hard work, spirit, and perseverance. He recognizes you as a worthy rival who can go toe-to-toe with him. VA (JP): Eiji Miyashita
VA (EN):
Mark Whitten
Persona 3 Reload - Chihiro Fushimi Character IconChihiro Fushimi A first-year at Gekkoukan High and treasurer of the student council. She tends to have trouble expressing herself to others, and is particularly uncomfortable around men. Overcoming this struggle is at the top of her mind. VA (JP): Aya Endo
VA (EN):
Kelly Baskin
Persona 3 Reload - Shinjiro Aragaki Character IconMaya A player in a red dress that the Protagonist meets while playing an MMORPG called Innocent Sin Online. Going by the handle “Maya,” she dubs the Protagonist her partner “Tatsuya” and parties up with him. She’s always online on her days off, waiting for the Protagonist to log in. VA (JP): None
VA (EN):
Persona 3 Reload - Keisukue Hiraga Character IconKeisuke Hiraga A third-year at Gekkoukan High and head of the art club, where the two of you meet. As the son of a doctor, those around him believe he will follow in his father’s footsteps—but he himself is torn between medical school and arts study abroad. VA (JP): Yuichi Iguchi
VA (EN):
Griffin Burns
Persona 3 Reload - Yuko Nishiwaki Character IconYuko Nishiwaki A second-year at Gekkoukan High and the manager of the track and field team. She’s childhood friends with fellow track team member Kazushi, referring to him by the friendly nickname “Kaz.” Kind and caring, she watches over you as a new member of the team. VA (JP): Emiri Kato
VA (EN):
Shelby Young
Persona 3 Reload - Maiko Oohashi Character IconMaiko Oohashi An elementary school girl who can be found at the park next to Naganaki Shrine. She’s uneasy about her tumultuous home life as her bickering parents teeter on the edge of divorce. She spends time alone after school to avoid going home, and grows fond of the Protagonist after meeting him at the shrine. VA (JP): Hiyori Kono
VA (EN):
Grace Lu
Persona 3 Reload - Pharos Character IconPharros A boy who greets the Protagonist on his arrival to the dorms, asking him to sign a strange contract.

His identity and motives are shrouded in mystery, but he continues appearing before the Protagonist with words of advice.

VA (JP): Akira Ishida
VA (EN):
Aleks Le
Persona 3 Reload - Bebe Character IconAndré Geraux His real name is André Laurent Jean Geraux. An exchange student from France who loves and admires Japan, from kimonos to historical dramas to Japanese gardens. After the two of you meet, he encourages you to join him in the fashion club. VA (JP): Mitsuhiro Ichiki
VA (EN):
Jeff Berg
Persona 3 Reload - President Tanaka Character IconPresident Tanaka The president of a telemarketing company, famous for his catchy jingle and bombastic personality showing off products to the camera. He is extremely stingy and has a unique outlook on how to run his company. After spotting the Protagonist in the city, he devises a plan to use him as a model for his products. VA (JP): Bin Shimada
VA (EN):
Patrick Seitz
Persona 3 Reload - Mutatsu Character IconMutatsu An irritable-looking monk who visits Club Escapade from time to time. He’s always seen with expensive cigars and gaudy gold rings, giving the impression that he hasn’t really let go of his earthly desires. Even so, he has quite a way with words and is known by his parishioners as a wise one with invaluable advice. Upon befriending the Protagonist, he begins to lecture him on his own philosophies. VA (JP): Shin Aomori
VA (EN):
Aaron Laplante
Persona 3 Reload - Mamoru Hayase Character IconMamoru Hayase The ace of a rival school’s track team. He’s a national-level athlete who’s already received offers from colleges and companies. After seeing the Protagonist run during a summer competition, he sees his potential as a worthy rival. VA (JP): Yūichirō Umehara
VA (EN):
Yong Yea
Persona 3 Reload - Nozomi Suemitsu Character Icon Nozomi Suemitsu A third-year at Gekkoukan High known as the Gourmet King. He has toured restaurants all over Minato Ward, eating everything on the menu—including secret menus. He appoints you as his bodyguard after helping him escape a dispute with a shadowy figure. VA (JP): Fukushi Ochiai
VA (EN):
Paul Castro Jr.
Persona 3 Reload - Akinari Kamiki Character IconAkinari Kamiki A young man who doesn’t have long to live can be found on a bench at Naganaki Shrine. On weekdays he undergoes treatment for his illness, but he pushes himself to make it to the shrine on weekends. He wishes to leave his mark on the world by writing his own story, and shares his work in progress with the Protagonist as they continue to meet. VA (JP): Hirofumi Nojima
VA (EN):
Lucien Dodge

Strega Characters

Character Unique Persona Background Voice Actor / Actress
Persona 3 Reload - Takaya Sakaki Character IconTakaya Sakaki Hypnos The leader of Strega, a group of three that uses the Dark Hour as a means to carry out requests for revenge. He considers the Dark Hour to be a special gift reserved only for those with the power of Persona, and does not wish for it to disappear. Despite his strange appearance, he has a charismatic personality that has earned him many devoted followers.

When he attacks, he uses the gun he carries at his waist. His unique Persona is Hypnos.

VA (JP): Nobutoshi Canna
VA (EN): Daman Mills
Persona 3 Reload - Jin Shirato Character IconJin Shirato Moros A member of Strega, a group of three that uses the Dark Hour as a means to carry out requests for revenge.

He is an intelligent young man who specializes in data analysis and runs the Revenge Request website for Strega’s activities.

He attacks using special hand grenades. His unique Persona is Moros.

VA (JP): Masaya Onosaka
VA (EN):
Chris Hackney
Persona 3 Reload - Chidori Yoshino Character IconChidori Yoshino Medea A member of Strega, a group of three that uses the Dark Hour as a means to carry out requests for revenge.

She wears a striking white dress and rarely shows emotion, coldly pushing away those who dare speak to her.

She attacks using a hand axe. Her unique Persona is Medea

VA (JP): Miyuki Sawashiro
VA (EN):
Merit Leighton

Support Characters

Character Background Voice Actor / Actress
Persona 3 Reload - Shuji Ikutsuki Character IconShuji Ikutsuki The chairman of the Protagonist’s school and advisor to S.E.E.S.

He relishes puns in any situation, much to the chagrin of those around him.

Despite having no Persona abilities, he remains conscious during the Dark Hour. Having to send his students to fight the Shadows in his stead seems to bring him some guilt.

VA (JP): Hideyuki Hori
VA (EN): Jake Green
Persona 3 Reload - Ryoji Mochizuki Character IconRyoji Mochizuki A student who seems to have transferred from abroad, joining the Protagonist’s class for the second semester.

With his cheerful and sociable personality, he makes fast friends with the Protagonist and Junpei, and the rest of S.E.E.S. is quick to follow.

He becomes friends with the protagonist, Junpei, and the other members of the S.E.E.S.

VA (JP): Akira Ishida
VA (EN): ? VA
Persona 3 Reload - Elizabeth Character IconElizabeth A resident of the Velvet Room, an apparent interdimensional space that only the Protagonist can enter.

She aids him in strengthening his Persona abilities and assigns him numerous requests to complete. She even asks him to escort her around the outside world, a realm that she is very curious about.

VA (JP): Miyuki Sawashiro
VA (EN):
Tara Platt
Persona 3 Reload - Igor Character IconIgor An old man with an unusually long nose and lanky limbs. As master of the Velvet Room, he is the only one who can perform Persona fusions. He welcomes the Protagonist as his “guest” and aids him in strengthening his Persona abilities. VA (JP): Bin Shimada
VA (EN):
Kirk Thornton

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