Persona 3 Reload - Voice Actor List

A list of Voice Actors in both English and Japanese voice actors for Persona 3 Reload (P3RE, Persona 3 Remake), including the character names, voice actor names, and other details. Persona 3 Reload (2024) was released last February 2, 2024, and is now playable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox PC Game Pass).

Persona 3 Reload - Voice Actor List

List of Characters and Voice Actors for Persona 3 Reload (P3RE)

Below is a list of voice actors and voice actresses for each character in Persona 3 Reload (P3RE), both former and current.

Persona 3 Reload Character List and Backgrounds

SEES Main Characters

Character Japanese VA English VA
Persona 3 Reload - Protagonist Character IconProtagonist
  • P3 and P3RE: Akira Ishida
  • P3: Yuri Lowenthal
  • P3RE: Aleks Le
Persona 3 Reload - Yukari Takeba Character IconYukari Takeba
  • P3 and P3RE: Megumi Toyoguchi
  • P3: Michelle Ruff
  • P3RE: Heather Gonzalez
Persona 3 Reload - Junpei Iori Character Icon Junpei Iori
  • P3 and P3RE: Kōsuke Toriumi
  • P3: Vic Mignogna
  • P3RE: Zeno Robinson
Persona 3 Reload - Akihiko Sanada Character IconAkihiko Sanada
  • P3 and P3RE: Hikaru Midorikawa
  • P3: Liam O’Brien
  • P3RE: Alejandro Saab
Persona 3 Reload - Mitsuru Kirijo Character IconMitsuru Kirijo
  • P3 and P3RE: Rie Tanaka
  • P3: Tara Platt
  • P3RE: Allegra Clark
Persona 3 Reload - Fuuka Yamagishi Character IconFuuka Yamagishi
  • P3 and P3RE: Mamiko Noto
  • P3RE: Suzie Yeung
Persona 3 Reload - Aigis Character IconAigis
  • P3 and P3RE: Maaya Sakamoto
  • P3: Karen Strassman
  • P3RE: Dawn M. Bennett
Persona 3 Reload - Koromaru Character IconKoromaru
  • P3 and P3RE: Shinya Takahashi
  • N/A
Persona 3 Reload - Ken Amada Character IconKen Amada
  • P3 and P3RE: Megumi Ogata
  • P3RE: Justine Lee
Persona 3 Reload - Shinjiro Aragaki Character IconShinjiro Aragaki
  • P3 and P3RE: Kazuya Nakai
  • P3: Grant George
  • P3RE: Justice Slocum

Social Link Characters

Character Japanese VA English VA
Persona 3 Reload - Kenji Tomochika Character Icon Kenji Tomochika
  • P3RE: Wataru Hatano
  • P3RE: Joe Zieja
Persona 3 Reload - Hidetoshi Odagiri Character IconHidetoshi Odagiri
  • P3RE: Masaya Matsukaze
  • P3RE: Austin Lee Matthews
Persona 3 Reload - Bunkichi Kitamura Character IconBunkichi Kitamura
  • P3RE: Naoki Tatsuta
  • P3RE: Andre Sogliuzzo
Persona 3 Reload - Mitsuko Kitamura Character IconMitsuko Kitamura
  • P3RE: Sanae Takagi
  • P3RE: Susanne Blakeslee
Persona 3 Reload - Kazushi Miyamoto Character IconKazushi Miyamoto
  • P3RE: Eiji Miyashita
  • P3RE: Mark Whitten
Persona 3 Reload - Chihiro Fushimi Character IconChihiro Fushimi
  • P3: Ai Maeda
  • P3RE: Aya Endo
  • P3RE: Kelly Baskin
Persona 3 Reload - Shinjiro Aragaki Character IconMaya
  • N/A
  • N/A
Persona 3 Reload - Keisukue Hiraga Character IconKeisuke Hiraga
  • P3RE: Yuichi Iguchi
  • P3RE: Griffin Burns
Persona 3 Reload - Yuko Nishiwaki Character IconYuko Nishiwaki
  • P3RE: Emiri Kato
  • P3RE: Shelby Young
Persona 3 Reload - Maiko Oohashi Character IconMaiko Oohashi
  • P3RE: Hiyori Kono
  • P3RE: Grace Lu
Persona 3 Reload - Pharos Character IconPharros
  • P3RE: Akira Ishida
  • P3: Yuri Lowenthal
  • P3RE: Aleks Le
Persona 3 Reload - Bebe Character IconAndré Geraux (Bebe)
  • P3RE: Mitsuhiro Ichiki
  • P3RE: Jeff Berg
Persona 3 Reload - President Tanaka Character IconPresident Tanaka
  • P3RE: Bin Shimada
  • P3RE: Patrick Seitz
Persona 3 Reload - Mutatsu Character IconMutatsu
  • P3RE: Shin Aomori
  • P3RE: Aaron Laplante
Persona 3 Reload - Mamoru Hayase Character IconMamoru Hayase
  • P3RE: Yūichirō Umehara
  • P3RE: Yong Yea
Persona 3 Reload - Nozomi Suemitsu Character Icon Nozomi Suemitsu
  • P3RE: Fukushi Ochiai
  • P3RE: Paul Castro Jr.
Persona 3 Reload - Akinari Kamiki Character IconAkinari Kamiki
  • P3RE: Hirofumi Nojima
  • P3RE: Lucien Dodge

Strega Characters

Character Japanese VA English VA
Persona 3 Reload - Takaya Sakaki Character IconTakaya Sakaki
  • P3 and P3RE: Nobutoshi Canna
  • P3: Derek Stephen Prince
  • P3RE: Daman Mills
Persona 3 Reload - Jin Shirato Character IconJin Shirato
  • P3 and P3RE: Masaya Onosaka
  • P3: Grant George
  • P3RE: Chris Hackney
Persona 3 Reload - Chidori Yoshino Character IconChidori Yoshino
  • P3 and P3RE: Miyuki Sawashiro
  • P3RE: Merit Leighton

Support Characters

Character Japanese VA English VA
Persona 3 Reload - Shuji Ikutsuki Character IconShuji Ikutsuki
  • P3 and P3RE: Hideyuki Hori
  • P3: Dan Woren
  • P3RE: Jake Green
Persona 3 Reload - Ryoji Mochizuki Character IconRyoji Mochizuki
  • P3 and P3RE: Akira Ishida
  • P3 and P3RE: Yuri Lowenthal
Persona 3 Reload - Elizabeth Character IconElizabeth
  • P3 and P3RE: Miyuki Sawashiro
  • P3 and P3RE: Tara Platt
Persona 3 Reload - Igor Character IconIgor
  • P3: Isamu Tanonaka
  • P3RE: Bin Shimada
  • P3: Dan Woren
  • P3RE: Kirk Thornton

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