Persona 3 Reload - Request 4: Treasure Hunting Milestone Guide

Walkthrough and Guide for Elizabeth's Request 4: Treasure Hunting Milestone in Persona 3 Reload (P3RE, Persona 3 Remake), including tasks, availability, deadline, and clear rewards. Persona 3 Reload (2024) was released last February 2, 2024, and is now playable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox PC Game Pass).

Persona 3 Reload (P3RE, Persona 3 Remake) - Request 4: Treasure Hunting Milestone Walkthrough and Guide

Treasure Hunting Milestone Request Guide in Persona 3 Reload (P3RE)

Treasure Hunting Milestone Overview

  • Open 50 Treasure Chests in Tartarus
  • May 10th
  • None
Clear Rewards
  • Snuff Soul x2

Persona 3 Reload Elizabeth’s Request List and Guide

Treasure Hunting Milestone Strategies

Explore the Tartarus and open up Treasure Chests

While you are inside the Tartarus, there are Treasure Chests that spawns on a floor which you need to look for around the area. To complete this request, you need to open up at least 50 chests.

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#1: Bring me a Muscle Drink #2: Retrieve the First Old Document
#3: Shadow Hunting Milestone #4: Treasure Hunting Milestone
#5: Create a Persona that's Level 13 or Above #6: Create a Persona with Kouha
#7: Bring me a Juzumaru #8: Experiment with Fortune Telling
#9: I'd like to try all kinds of drinks #10: I'd like to try a beef bowl
#11: Please prevail in the Big Eater Challenge #12: Bring me pine resin
#13: Bring me a handheld game console #14: Retrieve the Second Old Document
#15: Shadow hunting Milestone 2 #16: Treasure Hunting Milestone 2
#17: Fusion Series 1: Emperor, Oberon #18: I'd like to be gifted a bouquet of flowers
#19: I want Jack Frost dolls #20: Bring me some potent medicine

Elizabeth's Requests #21 - #40

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#21: Retrieve the third old document #22: Shadow Hunting Milestone 3
#23: Persona Fusion Milestone #24: Create a Persona that's level 23 or above
#25: Fusion Series 2: Chariot, Mithras #26: Bring me an Onimaru Kunitsuma
#27: Bring me a triangular sword #28: Bring me a protein not for pros
#29: I want to look fashionable #30: Retrieve the Fourth Old Document
#31: Shadow Hunting Milestone 4 #32: Treasure Hunting Milestone 3
#33: Persona Fusion Milestone 2 #34: Create a Persona with Torrent Shot
#35: Fusion Series 3: Hermit, Mothman #36: Defeat a Rare Shadow 1
#37: Traverse the Monad Passag #38: I want to eat some chilled Taiyaki
#39: Let me hear music unique to Gekkoukan #40: I'd like to see a pair of Max Safety Shoes

Elizabeth's Requests #41 - #60

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#41: Bring me the Mysterious Person's Autograph #42: Please feed the cat
#43: Bring me a Christmas Star #44: I wish to feel the ocean
#45: Retrieve the Fifth Old Document #46: Shadow Hunting Milestone 5
#47: Treasure Hunting Milestone 4 #48: Persona Fusion Milestone 3
#49: Create a Persona that's level 38 or above #50: Perform King and I
#51: Bring me an Outenta Mitsuyo #52: I'd Like to Try a Home-Cooked Meal
#53: I'd like to see a Mysterious Potato #54: Attempt a hundred shrine visit
#55: I'd like to see proof of a bond #56: Look for the drink with my name
#57: I'd Like to Try Aojiru #58: I wish to become a straw millionaire
#59: Retrieve the Sixth Old Document #60: Shadow Hunting Milestone 6

Elizabeth's Requests #61 - #80

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#61: Create a Persona that's level 46 or above #62: Fusion Series 4: Lovers, Titania
#63: Fusion Series 5: Magician, Rangda #64: Defeat a Rare Shadow 2
#65: Bring me an Ote-gine #66: Bring me a Giant, Creepy Doll
#67: Find me a Beautiful Tile #68: Bring me a Fruit Knife
#69: Bring me Oil #70: Retrieve the Seventh Old Document
#71: Fusion Series 6: Strength, Siegfried #72: Fusion Series 7: Hierophant, Daisoujou
#73: Bring me a Mikazuki Munechika #74: I'd Like to Try Sushi
#75: Bring me a Helm from the Sengoku Era #76: Bring me a Glasses Wipe
#77: I'd Like to Walk Around Paulownia Mall #78: I'd Like to Visit Iwatodai Station
#79: I'd Like to Visit Naganaki Shrine #80: I'd Like to Visit Gekkoukan High

Elizabeth's Requests #81 - #101

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#81: I'd Like to Visit your Room #82: Retrieve the Last Old Document
#83: Bring the Progress Report #84: Create a Persona with Tempest Slash
#85: Create a Persona with Auto-Marakukaja #86: Fusion Series 8: Death, Alice
#87: Fusion Series 9: Fool, Loki #88: Defeat a Greedy Shadow
#89: Bring me a Rai Kunimitsu #90: Bring me a Dojigiri Yasutsuna
#91: Bring me a Tonbo-kiri #92: Go Clean a Restroom
#93: Go Water the Flowers #94: Bring me a Food for a Furry Friend
#95: Bring me a Featherman R Action Figure #96: I'd Like to Try Oden Juice
#97: Bring me my Christmas Present #98: Fusion Series 10: Tower, Masakado
#99: Defeat the Shadow of the Void #100: Bring me a Bloody Button
#101: Defeat the Ultimate Adversary -
Persona 3 Reload Elizabeth's Request List and Guides

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