Persona 3 Reload - How to Romance Yukari

A guide on how to romance Yukari in Persona 3 Reload (P3RE, Persona 3 Remake), including how to unlock Yukari's romance route (girlfriend), best dialogue answers, actions, and methods to increase her Lovers Social Link rank, recommended dates to spend time with her, best gifts, dorm activities, and other useful tips.

Persona 3 Reload - How to Romance Yukari

Yukari Romance Guide for Persona 3 Reload (P3RE)

Yukari Overview

Name Social Link Start Date
Persona 3 Reload - Yukari Takeba Character IconYukari Takeba Lovers 5/16
Days Available Location Dorm Activities
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday 2F Classroom Cooking and Watching TV and DVDs
Social Link Unlock Conditions

Maxed Charm.

Yukari is a cheerful member of SEES who attends Gekkoukan High School. Her spunky personality and good looks make her extremely popular at school. Despite this, Yukari has a tremendous fear of death, made stronger by traumatic events in her past.

After Yukari becomes a Social Link (Lovers), she can be found at the 2F classroom on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays after school.

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How to Increase Yukari’s Social Link Rank

All Yukari (Lovers) Social Link Events for Romance Route

Below are all of Yukari’s Social Link events to unlock her romance route, including all the best dialogue answers (indicated by choice numbers) and actions to gain Social Link points with her during the main story.

Date Dialogue Choices and Actions Effect
5/16 (Evening) Study with Yukari and Junpei.
7/10 (Evening) Study with Yukari and Fuuka.
✦ 9/3 (After School) ✦ Spend time with Yukari (Classroom) Lovers Rank 1 (Social Link Unlock)
9/7 (After School) 1, 1 Lovers Rank 2
9/10 (After School) Any Lovers Rank 3
9/15 (Evening) Watch DVD with Yukari.
9/25 (Evening) Cook with Yukari.
10/2 (Evening) Cook with Yukari.
10/12 (Daytime) Get Yukari’s Fortune Reading (Naganaki Shrine)
10/19 (After School) 3 Lovers Rank 4
10/20 (Evening) Watch DVD with Yukari.
10/21 (After School) Any, Any, Any, Any, 1 Lovers Rank 5
10/22 (After School) 2, 1 Lovers Rank 6
10/23 (Evening) Cook with Yukari.
10/24 (After School) 1 Lovers Rank 7
10/26 (After School) 1, Any Lovers Rank 8
♥︎ 10/28 (After School) ♥︎ 2,1 Lovers Rank 9 (Romance Route Unlock)
11/1 (Evening) Walk Koromaru.
11/13 (Evening) Cook with Yukari.
12/10 (Evening) Dating Site: Choose Yukari (Dormitory PC)
12/13 (Evening) Study with everyone (after talking to Yukari and Fuuka).
12/29 (Evening) Watch TV with Yukari.
1/7 (Daytime) Accept Yukari’s invite on the phone.
★ 1/20 (After School) ★ Spend time with Yukari. Lovers Rank 10 (Social Link MAX)

Yukari Dorm Activities

Cooking and Watching DVDs

Yukari’s preferred dorm activities are cooking and watching TV and DVDs. Spending time preparing meals or catching some entertainment with her at the dormitory as often as possible allows you to quickly gain Social Link rank points as well as unlock her Combat Characteristic (Healing Master).

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Naganaki Shrine (Yukari)

You can increase your Social Link rank with Yukari by getting a Fortune Reading for her. The recommended day to do this is after school on 10/12.

Best Gifts for Yukari

Gift Effect How to Get
Brand Bag +3 Social Link Points Buy: Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities (10/25, 12/6)
Brand Watch +3 Social Link Points Buy: Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities (9/6, 10/25)
Brand Purse +3 Social Link Points Buy: Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities (7/26)
Perfume +3 Social Link Points Buy: Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities (6/7, 6/14)
Rose Bouquet +3 Social Link Points Buy: Rafflesia (Port Island Station)
Jack Frost Doll +2 Social Link Points Prize: Crane Game
Glass Vase +2 Social Link Points Buy: Rafflesia (Port Island Station)
Teddy Bear +2 Social Link Points Buy: Shinshoudo Antiques

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How to Romance Characters

Raise your Social Link rank with the character you want to romance.

To romance characters in Persona 3 Reload (P3RE), you must simply raise your Social Link rank with them through various dialogue events and actions. These include replying with the correct dialogue choices, doing activities with them at the dormitory, and spending time with them on free days.

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Can You Romance More than One Girl?

Possible in one playthrough.

Note that it is possible to romance all characters in a single playthrough by leveling up each Social Link to their required levels. The consequences of doing so are currently unclear. More information on this will be added once we have confirmed it in the game.

Trophies and Achievements

Below are all trophies and achievements related to romance and how to unlock them in the game.

Achievement Trophy How to Unlock
That Special Someone PlayStation 4 - Silver TrophySilver Nurtured a romance.

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