Persona 3 Reload - Request 91: Bring me a Tonbo-kiri Guide

Walkthrough and Guide for Elizabeth's Request 91: Bring me a Tonbo-kiri in Persona 3 Reload (P3RE, Persona 3 Remake), including tasks, availability, deadline, and clear rewards. Persona 3 Reload (2024) was released last February 2, 2024, and is now playable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox PC Game Pass).

Persona 3 Reload (P3RE, Persona 3 Remake) - Request 91: Bring me a Tonbo-kiri Walkthrough and Guide

Bring me a Tonbo-kiri Request Guide in Persona 3 Reload (P3RE)

Bring me a Tonbo-kiri Overview

  • Bring a Tonbo-kiri.
  • January 1st
Clear Rewards
  • Nihil Black Model x2

Persona 3 Reload Elizabeth’s Request List and Guide

Bring me a Tonbo-kiri Strategies

Craft the Tonbo-kiri at Mayoido Antiques.

Tonbo-kiri can be crafted at Mayoido Antiques by bringing the required materials. You will need the following materials in order to craft the Tonbo-kiri: Nihil Blade, Diamond x5, and Gold Quartz x2. Once you have acquired the item, head back to Elizabeth to complete the request.

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Other Elizabeth Requests

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Request #1 - #20

▼All P3RE Velvet Room Requests #1 - #20
#1 Bring me a Muscle Drink. #2 Retrieve the first old document.
#3 Shadow Hunting Milestone. #4 Treasure Hunting Milestone.
#5 Create a Persona that's level 13 or above. #6: Retrieve the Second Old Document.
#7: Retrieve 1 Lead Medal. #8 Experiment with fortune telling.
#9: Retrieve 5 Bronze Figurines. #10: Retrieve 3 Snake Scale.
#11: Retrieve the third Old Document. #12 Bring me pine resin.
#13: Retrieve the shell of a man. #14: Retrieve 1 Steel Medal.
#15: Create Oberon. #16: Bring me strong medicine.
#17: I'd like some Funky School Music. #18: Retrieve 5 Relic Fragments.
#19: Retrieve 3 Greasy Gears. #20: Retrieve the Fourth Old Document.

Request #21 - #40

▼All P3RE Velvet Room Requests #21 - #40
#21: Retrieve 1 Bronze Medal. #22: Create Vetala with Maragi.
#23: Create Orthrus with Dodge Slash. #24: Retrieve 5 Tiara's Hair.
#25: Retrieve 4 Knight's Reins. #26: Retrieve Fifth Old Document.
#27: Retrieve 1 Platinum Watch. #28: I'd like a drink with my sister's name.
#29: Create Oumitsunu. #30: Retrieve 1 Homunculus.
#31: Find me a beautiful tile. #32: Retrieve 1 Silver Medal.
#33: Retrieve 5 Empress's Mirrors. #34: Retrieve 3 Gold Handguards.
#35: Retrieve the Sixth Old Document. #36: Create Black Frost.
#37: Bring me 3 Jack Frost Dolls. #38: I'd like to try sushi.
#39: Retrieve 3 Gold Rings. #40: Retrieve 2 Red Armor Plates.

Request #41 - #60

▼All P3RE Velvet Room Requests #41 - #60
#41: Retrieve the Seventh Old Document. #42: Create Girimehkala.
#43: Create Daisoujou. #44: Retrieve 6 Pink Feathers.
#45: Retrieve 3 Moon Tablets. #46: Retrieve the Last Old Document.
#47: Retrieve 2 Gold Medals. #48: Create Alice with Megido.
#49: Retrieve 3 Sand of Time. #50: Retrieve 3 Rainbow Hairs.
#51: Create Lilith with Mabufudyne. #52: Create Loki.
#53: Retrieve 1 Bloody Button. #54: Retrieve 3 Platinum Medals.
#55: Defeat the Ultimate Opponent. #56: I'd like to visit Paulownia Mall.
#57: I'd like to visit Iwatodai Station. #58: I'd like to visit Naganaki Shrine.
#59: I'd like to visit Gekkoukan High. #60: I'd like to visit your Room.

Request #61 - #80

▼All P3RE Velvet Room Requests #61 - #80
#61: Bring me a Sengoku-era Helm. #62: I'd like to try Oden Juice.
#63: Bring me food fit for a wolf. #64: Please go scrub the bathroom.
#65: Please go water the flowers. #66: Please go feed the cat.
#67: Bring me a Featherman figure. #68: Bring me a Juzumaru.
#69: Bring me an Onimaru Kunitsuna. #70: Bring me a Mikazuki Munechika.
#71: Bring me an Outenta Mitsuyo. #72: Bring me a Myohou Muramasa.
#73: Retrieve 1 Goggle-eyed Idol. #74: Bring me a handheld game system.
#75: Bring me a triangular sword. #76: Bring me a protein not for pros.
#77: Bring me a glasses wipe. #78: Bring me a Christmas Star.
#79: Bring me a fruit knife. #80: Bring me oil.

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