Persona 3 Reload - Arcana Priestess Boss Guide


Guide on How to Defeat Arcana Priestess, a Full Moon Boss, in Persona 3 Reload (P3RE, Persona 3 Remake). This includes the boss enemy's strengths and weaknesses, skills, and recommended battle strategies. Persona 3 Reload (2024) is set to release on February 2, 2024, and will be playable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox PC Game Pass).

Persona 3 Reload - How to Defeat Full Moon Arcana Priestess Boss Guide

How to Defeat Arcana Priestess in Persona 3 Reload (P3RE)

Trophies and Achievements

Below are all trophies and achievements related to this guide and how to unlock them in the game.

Trophy How to Unlock
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyBack on Track Defeated the Arcana Priestess.

Persona 3 Reload Trophy and Achievement List

Arcana Priestess Stats

Boss Level Level 10
Boss Type Full Moon Boss
Availability May 9th
Location Iwatodai Station
Recommended Level Level 10 or higher.
Recommended Party Members Protagonist, Yukari, and Junpei
EXP Rewards ? EXP
Yen Rewards ? Yen
Other Rewards ? Item

Arcana Priestess Strength and Weaknesses

Persona 3 Reload - Slash Skill Affinity IconSlash Persona 3 Reload - Strike Skill Affinity IconStrike Persona 3 Reload - Pierce Skill Affinity IconPierce Persona 3 Reload - Fire Skill Affinity IconFire Ice
Persona 3 Reload - Electricity Skill Affinity IconElec Persona 3 Reload - Wind Skill Affinity IconWind Light Darkness Almighty
Block Block

Arcana Priestess Skills

Skill Skill Effect
Assault Dive Deals light Strike damage to one foe.
Bufu Deals light Ice damage to one foe. Can inflict Freeze status.
Mabufu Deals light Ice damage to all foes. Can inflict Freeze status.
Pulinpa Can inflict Panic ailment to a single foe.
Marin Karin Can inflict Charm ailment to a single foe.
Summon Summon Muttering Tiara

Arcana Priestess Strategies

Here is a breakdown of the battle strategies against the boss:

Pre-Battle Strategies

Carry HP and SP Recovery Items.

Before engaging the boss, bring some stock of HP and SP recovery items. This will help in cases you need immediate healing to recover lost HP or ran out of SP to use Persona Skills during the boss the fight.

Don’t equip Personas weak to Strike and Ice attacks.

When it comes to the Protagonist, be careful on using Personas weak to Strike and Ice attacks. This includes Personas like Chimera and Orpheus. Better to stick to Forneus or other Personas that are not susceptible to the affinity.

Take note of the time limit.

There is a time limit for this location. It is advisable to keep moving forward and ignore the Shadows roaming around the monorail. Otherwise, you will not have time in defeating the boss.

On-Battle Strategies

Target minions first.

There will be two summoned enemies during the boss fight. Focus on taking down the minions one at time while sustaining your party with healing and support skills. Then, resume your attention back to the boss.

Land debuffs to the boss.

Start the battle by landing a number of debuffs to one Arcana Priestess first. This will help in reducing the boss enemy’s battle capabilities.

Cast buffs to your party.

Follow-up the debuffs with party member buffs. Focus on your main damage dealer first before covering the rest of your allies.

Use Elemental attacks except for Ice, Light, Dark.

Arcana Priestess is not resistant to all elemental attacks. Use Fire, Electricity, and Wind attacks to damage the boss.

Use Physical attacks like Slash, Strike, and Pierce.

Arcana Priestess is also not weak to any physical attacks like Slash, Strike, and Pierce. These attacks can be covered by each party member’s weapon attacks or by Persona skills.

Cure inflicted Status Ailments.

If a party member got inflicted with a status effects like Freeze or ailments effect such Charm or Panic, make sure that you have access to status recovery items. You can also make use of status recovery skills accessed by Yukari or by the Protagonist (via other Personas).

Unleash All-Out Attacks

If the boss enemy is knocked down, you can reduce its HP greatly or finish them off with an All-Out Attack.

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