Persona 3 Reload - Heart Items List and Guide

Heart Items list and guide for Persona 3 Reload (P3RE, Persona 3 Remake), including how to farm Heart Items through Conception, how to get Heart Items, required level, and other useful tips. Persona 3 Reload (2024) is set to release on February 2, 2024, and will be playable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox PC Game Pass).

Persona 3 Reload - Heart Items List and Guide

Heart Items List and Guide for Persona 3 Reload (P3RE)

Important Note

Heart Items and mechanics listed on this guide are currently based on previous versions of Persona 3. This page will be updated with any changes applied to Persona 3 Reload when they are confirmed in the game.

List of All Persona Heart Items (Conception)

Required Level Persona Heart Item
13 Jack Frost Frost Cap
15 Unicorn Alicorn
17 Legion Unbreakable Cage
19 Pyro Jack Indigo Cape
22 Fortuna Ring of Serenity
24 Narcissus Narcissus Flower
26 Take-Minakata Lightning Armlet
27 Titan Spirit Bracers
28 Flauros Staunch Anklets
30 Take-Mikazuchi Lightning Armlet
31 Yamatano-orochi Serpent’s Eye
57 Surt Blazing Flame
60 Thor Lightning Gloves
60 Jatayu Storm Ring
64 Chernobog Black God’s Rock
65 Odin Draupnir
68 Kohryu Kohryu’s Scale
69 Melchizidek Radiant Halo
71 Thanatos Ring of Darkness
73 Seiten Taisei Mystic Rock
76 Abaddon Tome of the Void
81 Masakado Masakado’s Hair
81 Metatron Book of Enoch
84 Vishnu Chakra Ring
88 Shiva Rudra Ring
88 Chi You Barbaric Bracers
90 Alilat Divine Pillar
95 Messiah Omnipotent Orb, Armor of Light, Soul of Athena, Aura Dog Suit, Shoes of Light

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How to Farm Heart Items

Below are the steps to farm Heart Items easily through Persona fusion and leveling.

1 Fuse a Persona that will come with a Heart Item by merging Personas on days before or after a full moon or new moon (Moon Phase).
2 Level up the fused Persona just before the level that it will yield its Heart Item.
3 Register the fused Persona in the Velvet Room book.
4 Level up the fused Persona to get the Heart Item.
5 Draw the Persona again from the Velvet Room registry book and steps 4 to 5 until you get enough of the Heart Item you want.

Register fused Personas before farming Heart Items from them.

Before raising fused Personas to the level that they will yield their Heart Item, register them first at the Velvet Room. This allows you to skip the hassle of leveling up the new copy of the Persona again (after discarding the previous one) so you can obtain the Heart Item faster. Because of this, do not forget to stop leveling just before they give up their Heart Item.

Useful for farming the best armor pieces and accessory from Messiah.

The Heart Item farming method listed above is very useful for obtaining most of the best armor and accessory in the game which are all yielded by Messiah at level 95. You will, however, need to fuse Messiah using a few end-game Personas, though the patience and perseverance will all be worth it.

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Note that the Heart Items that Messiah can give you are random which means that you are likely to draw him over and over from the Velvet Room book, especially if you want to get the powerful Omnipotent Orb accessory.

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What are Heart Items?

Special reward items obtained during Persona fusion or for leveling up specific Personas obtained through fusion.

Heart Items are special rewards that certain Personas will yield during fusion or after reaching specific levels in the game. Many useful equipment are obtained this way so it is worth spending time in the game to fuse and level up Personas solely for getting their Heart Items.

Heart Items can only be obtained from a Persona once. If you want to farm multiple copies of the same Heart Item, it is recommended to register Personas at the Velvet Room book so you can instantly draw them again later.

How to Get Heart Items

Fuse Personas.

Personas created via fusion may sometimes be holding Heart Items. The chance of getting Heart Items through this method increases when you fuse Personas during a full moon or new moon (or a day before or after either moon phase). Because of this, try to schedule Persona fusion on these dates to get Heart Items more frequently.

Level up Personas obtained through fusion.

Certain Personas may also give you Heart Items when you level them up to specific levels. The items obtained via this method are fixed, allowing you to farm multiple copies of the same item by registering Personas at the Velvet Room book.

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