Scarlet Nexus - Naomi Randall Character Profile

Character profile for Naomi Randall in Scarlet Nexus. Included are an overview of Naomi, chapter encountered, character type, abilities, and role in the main story.

Scarlet Nexus - Naomi Randall Character Companion Guide

Naomi Randall in Scarlet Nexus


Scarlet Nexus - Naomi Randall Character Companion Guide Name: Naomi Randall
Gender: Female
Hometown: ???
Affiliation: OSF
OSF Service Record: New Recruit
Weapon: ???
Power: Precognition
Voice Actor: Asuka Nishi (JP)

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Chapter Encountered: Naomi Randall

Chapter Encountered ?
Type Key Character (NPC)

Naomi Randall Base Stats

Base Level ?
HP ?
Power ?
Attack ?
Defense ?

Naomi Randall Abilities

Ability Name Ability Effect
? ?

Naomi Randall Profile

Scarlet Nexus - Naomi Randall Character Companion Guide

Naomi Official Biography

“Kasane’s kind and somewhat reserved adoptive older sister. As the eldest daughter of the wealthy Randall family, she grew up comfortably doted on by her parents like a princess. However, she is selfless, treats everyone equally, and possesses the integrity and strength to side with the weak and crush the strong. Although she is the same age as Kasane, she treats the adopted Kasane like a younger sister. She loves Kasane like a real sister and shows her affection from the bottom of her heart. She supports Kasane often, who tends to clash with others.”

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