Scarlet Nexus - Gunkin Perry Boss Guide

Boss guide for Gunkin Perry in Scarlet Nexus. Included are an overview of Gunkin Perry, enemy type, area encountered, stats, weaknesses, resistances, attacks, boss drops (loot), recommended party (companions), and strategy to beat it.

Scarlet Nexus - Gunkin Perry Boss Guide

Gunkin Perry (Other)

Scarlet Nexus - Gunkin Perry Boss Guide



Story Route Yuito Sumeragi
Enemy Lv. 5
Enemy Classification Other (Boss)
Location Kikuchiba (Upper-Level Construction Site)


Enemy Type Ailments Inflicted Weakpoints
Ground Oil (decreased mobility) ?
Weakness Resistances Rewards
Pyrokinesis (Fire) ?
  • 400 EXP
  • 250 Kin
  • Gunkin Perry Analysis x1 (Text Data)


Attack Details Countermeasure
Front Arm Swipe Swipes with either the left or right arm to attack targets in front of it. Move or dodge to the side, perfect dodge.
Spinning Arm Swipe Charges for a brief moment with one of its arms pulled back before performing a spinning attack in place. Run away.
Oil Shot Fires a ball of oil in front if it that prevents the target from dodging. Run to the side, dash toward the boss, or perfect dodge.
Multi Oil Shot Fire three balls of oil in front of it that prevents the target from dodging. Run to the side, dash toward the boss, or perfect dodge.
Leaping Body Slam Jumps to the air and crashes down on the target. Run away.

Boss Rewards and Loot

Name Description
Gunkin Perry Analysis Text Data

Boss Strategy

Recommended Party

Note that your party composition is fixed for this boss fight.

Name Power Details
Scarlet Nexus - Hanabi Ichijo IconHanabi Pyrokinesis Gunkin Perry is weak to fire, particularly when it is drenched in oil. Use SAS pyrokinesis to stack even more damage on the boss and inflicting burn.

How to Beat Gunkin Perry

A good strategy against the boss is to bait out its jumping slam attack near the heavy construction materials above the boss area. When it misses, pull down the hanging construction materials above and drop it on the boss to deal massive damage. This will also temporarily stagger Gunkin Perry, giving you time to unload on it with more attacks.

Another strategy is to attack Gunkin Perry’s oil cannon which causes it to be drenched in oil. From there, activate SAS pyrokinesis (Hanabi) and inflict burn to stack even more damage.

Be prepared to time perfect dodges if you intend to stay in front of the boss while attack as it will constantly throw out its regular and spinning arm swipes. Do not hesitate to run away to safer position and use Light Jellies when your HP gets too low.

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