Scarlet Nexus - Kasane Randall Bond Episodes Guide

A guide on all Kasane Randall Bond Episodes in Scarlet Nexus. Included are a list of all Kasane Character Episodes (Yuito's story), how to unlock each Bond Episode, Information, and rewards obtained.

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All Kasane Bond Episodes in Scarlet Nexus

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Kasane Randall Character Guide

Please note that we are still in the process of updating this page. New information will be added when the game comes out.

How to Unlock Kasane’s Bond Episodes

Meeting Kasane in the prologue. Afterwards, you will be able to have conversations with her via brain message texts to unlock her Bond Episodes.


Below are all trophies and achievements associated with Kasane’s Bond Episodes.

Achievement Trophy How to Unlock
A Line Beyond Time PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyBronze View Kasane Bond Episode 5.

Trophy List

Kasane Bond Episode List

Scarlet Nexus - Kasane Randall Profile

Below is a list of all Kasane Bond Episodes in Yuito’s story route, including required conditions to unlock them, Bond Level increase gained, and rewards for clearing them.

Yuito-Kasane Story Bond Episodes

Bond Episode How to Unlock Mission Information
Kasane Bond Episode 1: After unlocking the hideout, reply to Kasane’s brain message to begin the Bond Episode. Find Captain Seto’s fountain pen. Getting to know Kasane if she is related to Yuito’s hero when he was still a child.
Kasane Bond Episode 2 After clearing Phase 5: A Changed World and Creeping Unease, reply to Kasane’s brain message to begin the Bond Episode. You will receive a message from Kasane stating that she won’t be contacting Yuito anymore and he will undergo an internal dialogue.
Kasane Bond Episode 3 End of Phase 9: Eternal Vow, Eternal Bond, during the Standby Phase. Speak to her once to trigger a short dialogue and increase your bond, speak to her again to begin the Bond Episode. The rest of the dialogue will be a nice moment between Yuito and Kasane airing some personal feelings out.
Kasane Bond Episode 4 End of Phase 10, during the Standby Phase. Speak to Kasane at the Hideout to initiate a bond episode. Yuito wants to speak to Kasane about their mom. Kasane would want to travel to Mizuhagawa District to speak in private.
Kasane Bond Episode 5 End of Phase 10, during the Standby Phase. Speak to Kasane at the Hideout to initiate a bond episode. Kasane will ask Yuito to join her in Kikuchiba. They will be tasked to clear some enemy Others. Unlocks Level 4: Assault Vision for the SAS: Psychokinesis ability

Struggle Arms System (SAS) Abilities

Below are all Kyoka SAS abilities unlocked during Yuito and Kasane’s story route, including required Bond Level and ability effects.

All SAS Abilities

Kasane-Yuito SAS Abilities

Ability Level Requirement Ability Effect
Enhance Psychokinesis and Psychokinesis Field Level 1 Bond Level 1* While SAS is active, Psychokinesis Attacks won’t consume the psychokinesis gauge. You will also be able to control all surrounding objects and use the psychokinesis field to attack with all of them with L2/LT + R2/RT.
Increase SAS Recovery Speed and Guardian Vision Level 2 Bond Level 2* Increases the recovery speed of SAS psychokinesis gauge.
Also, when you are attacked there is a chance for a Vision of Yuito to appear and block the attack, negating damage.
Combo Vision Level 3 Bond Level 3* Using L1/LB + ◌/b, x/a, △/y, □/x enables a Combo Vision in which Yuito blasts away surrounding enemies.
Assault Vision Level 4 Bond Level 4* Attack an unguarded enemy and Yuito will call out. Answer him with △/y + ◌/b and he will appear as a Vision and perform a special attack.
Prolong SAS Effect Level 5 Bond Level 5* SAS psychokinesis effect time increases.
Enhance Psychokinesis Field Level 6 Bond Level 6* While active, the psychokinesis field is enhanced, allowing you to control objects in a larger area.

*Bond Level requirements to be updated further.

Unlocked through Brain Messages

Scarlet Nexus - Brain Messages

By talking to various OSF members via the brain messages, you can unlock special Bond Episodes that reveal interesting information on companions. Clearing Bond Episodes also increases your Bond Level with characters, granting you access to new Struggle Arms System (SAS) abilities and other useful features in battle.

Yuito and Kasane Story Bond Episodes

Scarlet Nexus - Yuito Sumeragi Scarlet Nexus - Kasane Randall

Companion Bond Episodes during Yuito’s story are different from those in Kasane’s. This means that you must play through both characters’ storylines to view all of an ally’s Bond Episodes.

Giving Gifts

Scarlet Nexus - Companion Gift Guide

Companion Gift Guide

Bond Level also increases when giving characters gifts that they like. Be sure to consider a character’s personality and taste when deciding what to gift them to raise your Bond with them.

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