Scarlet Nexus - All Musubi Codes and Rewards List

A list of all Musubi codes and rewards in Scarlet Nexus. Included are basic information on Musubi codes, where to find Musubi, and rewards obtained for entering the correct codes.

Scarlet Nexus - Musubi Codes and Rewards

Musubi Codes and Rewards in Scarlet Nexus

What are Musubi Codes?

Scarlet Nexus - Musubi Codes and Rewards List

Musubi codes are special passwords that appear in each episode of the Scarlet Nexus anime. This in-game feature is likely intended to promote both the game and the anime series by offering players rewards for watching the anime and playing the game.

Available After Clearing Phase 2

Talk to Musubi at Musubi’s in the game after clearing Phase 2 of Yuito or Kasane‘s story to enter the Musubi Code. Doing so grants you various in-game rewards which will be useful as you go through each character’s route.

Musubi will immediately ask for a password upon talking to her for the first time. Simply use the password “CODE” for the correct answer.

List of Musubi Codes and Rewards

Anime Episode Musubi Code Rewards
  • 1000 Kin
Episode 1 Such a liar
  • Poster Vision [Yuito] x1
  • Hanabi Character Compendium Update
Episode 2 Tell the truth
  • Poster Vision [Hanabi] x1
  • Hanabi Character Compendium Update
Episode 3 5150
  • Poster Vision [Gemma] x1
  • Special Mission Pay Bonus
Episode 4 2009
  • OSF Armband Vision [Septentrion] x1
  • Top Secret Investigation Compendium Update update for main characters.
  • Poster Vision [Luka] x1
  • Luka Character Compendium Update
Episode 6 Which?
  • Poster Vision [Kasane] x1
  • Kasane Character Compendium Update
  • Bond Assist x1
  • Attack Damage Suppression x1

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