Scarlet Nexus - Money Farming Guide

A guide on how to farm money (Kin) in Scarlet Nexus. Included are the best ways to farm money, best skills for money farming, best areas to farm during the early, middle, and late game stages, and how to unlock the Kins Millionaire trophy.

Scarlet Nexus - Money Farming Guide

Money Farming Guide

Farming money or Kin in Scarlet Nexus is important if you want to buy as much weapons, plug-ins, gifts and consumable items from Satori the Archivist or from the hideout shop. Below are the best ways to farm money in the game, including the best skills to unlock to increase money earned, and areas to farm during the early, middle, and late game stages.


Below are the trophies related to money farming and conditions to unlock them in the game.

Achievement Trophy How to Unlock
Kins Millionaire PlayStation 4 - Silver TrophySilver Collect over 200,000 Kins.

Trophy List

Progress through the Main Story

Scarlet Nexus - Money Farming Guide

Going through Yuito and Kasane’s main story routes allows you to accumulate a decent amount of money from defeating various Other enemies (regular and boss types).

Yuito Story Route Walkthroughs Kasane Story Route Walkthroughs

Unlock Brain Crush Money Bonus Skill (Brain Map)

Acquiring the Brain Crush Money Bonus support skill in the Brain Map increases the money you earn for defeating enemies with Brain Crush. This is a must have skill if you intend to farm money while doing main story missions and side quests so be sure to unlock it as soon as possible.

Brain Map Skills List

Best Areas to Farm Money

Early Stages

Scarlet Nexus - Money Farming Guide

Kikuchiba is one of the best areas to farm for money during the early game stages as it can be revisited as soon as you clear Phase 1 of Yuito and Kasane’s story routes (Yuito Story Phase 1: Trusting the Path to the Future and Kasane Story Phase 1: Searching for Freedom). Backtrack as many times as you can through the level to farm money.

Middle Stages

Coming soon.

Late Stages

Coming soon.

Other Money Farming Tips

Grind for EXP and BP While Farming Money.

Note that farming enemies for money is also a good way to earn EXP to level up fast and earn Brain Points (BP). To make more efficient use of time, be sure to unlock the support skill Overkill from the Brain Map as well. Hitting enemies stunned by a depleted crush gauge increases the EXP bonus (though this doesn’t work against strong foes whose HP has been depleted), which allows you to level up faster.

BP and EXP Farming Guide

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