Scarlet Nexus - Pre-order Bonuses and Game Editions

Early purchase benefits and three game editions for Scarlet Nexus have been announced ahead of the game's June 25th release. Read on to find out all bonuses included in each version to help you decide which edition to get.

Scarlet Nexus - Pre-order Bonuses and Game Editions

Scarlet Nexus Pre-order Bonuses and Game Editions

Scarlet Nexus, the upcoming “brain punk” action role-playing game from Bandai Namco Entertainment, is scheduled for launch on June 25th, 2021 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows. Ahead of its anticipated release, pre-order bonuses for the game and three editions of the game were announced and are available on Scarlet Nexus’ official website.

Pre-order Bonuses

Scarlet Nexus - Pre-order Bonuses

Players will receive the early-purchase benefits listed below together with their pre-ordered version of Scarlet Nexus. Note that these items are redeemed via a download code that requires internet connection.

  • Additional Attachment Set “Shoulder Baki (11)”
  • Special Battle Attire Set -Audio-
  • Additional Attachment “Face Vision Seal”
  • Additional Attachment “Dream Catcher”

Game Editions

Standard Edition

Scarlet Nexus - Standard Edition

The Standard Edition is simply the game itself and is for players who only want to experience the game through the main story. This package comes in a physical disc and digital download version.

The Scarlet Nexus Standard Edition is priced at 59.99 USD. Pre-order bonuses are included when applicable.

Digital Deluxe Edition

Scarlet Nexus - Digital Deluxe Edition

The Digital Deluxe Edition bundles a number of digital add-ons along with the digital version of the game and. This package, which aims to satisfy fans of the upcoming title, include in-game items and other DLC that are listed below.

  • Brain Punk Bundle (includes Battle Attire Set -Red-, Digital Artbook, Digital Soundtrack)
  • Additional Attachment “The Other” (Deluxe Edition Bonus)
  • SAS Plug-In Variations (3) (Deluxe Edition Bonus)

The Scarlet Nexus Digital Deluxe Edition goes for 79.99 USD. Pre-order bonuses are included when applicable.

Guardians Edition

Scarlet Nexus - Guardians Edition

The Guardian’s Edition is for the most hardcore of fans of the game and ships a selection of special physical bonuses in one exclusive package. In addition a physical copy of the game and all DLC found in the Digital Deluxe Edition, the Guardian’s Editions includes the items listed below.

  • Art Prints: 3 Art Prints with exclusive designs of the ‘Others’, the game’s monsters. Size: A4
  • SCARLET NEXUS hardcover Art Book: An exclusive Scarlet Nexus art book. Deep dive into the world of Scarlet Nexus with never before seen details on its creation. Learn more on its characters, lore and its infamous monsters, the ‘Others’ Size: A4 Landscape. Language : ENG. Hardcover book.
  • OSF Sticker: An OSF sticker to show your allegiance to the suppression force. Size: A5
  • Steelbook: A Steelbook featuring Yuito, Kasane and key party members ready for battle.

The Scarlet Nexus Guardians Edition is currently only available in Europe. It is priced at 99.99 GBP. Pre-order bonuses are included when applicable.

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