Scarlet Nexus - Companion Gift Guide

A guide on the best gifts for each companion in Scarlet Nexus. Included are basic mechanics on gifts, best gifts for each character and where to find them, and how to unlock the Gift-giving Freak and Gifts trophies.

Scarlet Nexus - Companion Gift Guide

Companion Gift Guide

Scarlet Nexus - Companion Gift Guide

You can give gifts to various companions to increase your bond level with them. Doing so unlocks new Struggle Arms System (SAS) abilities and other benefits in battle.

Please note that we are still in the process of updating this page. New information will be added when the game comes out.


Below are trophies related to gifts and how to unlock them in the game.

Achievement Trophy How to Unlock
Gift-Giving Freak PlayStation 4 - Gold TrophyGold Give all gifts to all allies (excluding add-ons).
Gifts PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyBronze Give a gift to an ally for the first time (excluding add-ons).

Gift Mechanics

Scarlet Nexus - Tsugumi Gift

Your relationship (bond level) with your companions will increase if you give them a gift that they like. This means that you should try to consider a companion’s personality and taste before presenting them with the gift.

Scarlet Nexus - Tsugumi Gift 2

Gifts given to companions can usually be seen displayed in their quarters at the OSF hideout. Companions can also be occasionally seen interacting with the gifts you give them that they like.

Where to Get Gifts

Gifts can be bought from the hideout shop (Exchange tab). They can also be found in various dungeons of the game so be sure to explore each section carefully during missions and side quests.

List of All Companion Gifts

Below is a list of all the best gifts for each companion and where to get them in the game.

Companion Preferred Gifts Where to Find
Scarlet Nexus - Arashi Spring IconArashi Spring Tool Set
  • Exchange from the Item Shop (Satori, the Archivist).
  • Acquire from green resource cube.
Scarlet Nexus - Kyoka Eden IconKyoka Eden Flower Aroma Candle
  • Exchange from the Item Shop (Satori, the Archivist).
  • Acquire from green resource cube.
Scarlet Nexus - Shiden Ritter IconShiden Ritter Cleaning Items (?)
  • Exchange from the Item Shop (Satori, the Archivist).
  • Acquire from green resource cube.
Scarlet Nexus - Kagero Donne IconKagero Donne Guitar
  • Exchange from the Item Shop (Satori, the Archivist).
  • Acquire from green resource cube.
Scarlet Nexus - Tsumgumi Nazar IconTsugumi Nazar Plants
  • Exchange from the Item Shop (Satori, the Archivist).
  • Acquire from green resource cube.
Scarlet Nexus - Luka Travers IconLuka Travers Toys, Exercise Equipment (?)
  • Exchange from the Item Shop (Satori, the Archivist).
  • Acquire from green resource cube.
Scarlet Nexus - Gemma Garrison IconGemma Garrison Famous Select Alcohol Set, Sandbag
  • Exchange from the Item Shop (Satori, the Archivist).
  • Acquire from green resource cube.
Scarlet Nexus - Hanabi Ichijo IconHanabi Ichijo Rare Antique Lamp
  • Exchange from the Item Shop (Satori, the Archivist).
  • Acquire from green resource cube.

List of all gift items

Item Name Recipient/s Description
Scarlet Nexus Gift ItemFashion Magazine “RUMOR” Hanabi Ichijo This monthly magazine is popular with teens. It covers fashion trends and cosmetic. Sometimes it collaborates with fashion brands to give away promotional goods. There are competitions to biu them when they go on sale. This month has a sparkly sticker vision form “fURaway.”
Magazine “Girl Quarterly” Tsugumi Nazar ???
Scarlet Nexus Gift Green Curtain: Fresh Verdure Tsugumi Nazar This plant grows with verdant vines. It can be a curtain of vegetation by placing a few of them together. It shades sunlight and softens a room with green. Trimming the vines is required to get them to spread well.
Color Foliage Plant Tsugumi Nazar ???
Scarlet Nexus GiftFirst Aid Kit Gemma Garrison This small box contains various medical supplies used for treating light wounds or first aid on the way to the hospital. Spring Pharmaceuticals sells this first aid kit stocked with their products, and every household has at least one.
Scarlet Nexus Gift3Squash Racket ❤ Hanabi Ichijo
❤ Luka Travers
Tsugumi Nazar
Gemma Garrison
This racket was built to use a vision ball to play squash in a small room. It’s one of the sports brand Flvi’s hit products. Hanabi likes exercising and enjoys squash, so she regularly recommends it to people.
Scarlet Nexus GiftHero Figure Vol. 1 ❤ Luka Travers These action figures are made in collaboration with the people’s protectors, the OSF, and NDF. The NDF soldier is bravely holding a weapon. An OSF member stands prepared. The production was strictly supervised by both organizations and apparently took en years to complete.
Scarlet Nexus Antique Pole HangerAntique Pole Hanger Kagero Donne This appliance for hanging clothing looks antique. You can hang long items like coats or capes, hats, or shoes. When you come home, don’t just leave you clothes lying around.
Septentrion Data Collection ❤ Shiden Ritter This data book is a collection of information on OSF Septentrions. It’s not official OSF PR, but a fanzine run by Septentrion fans. The latest edition contains rigorous investigations, objective viewpoints and is treated as a semi-formal publication.
Scarlet Nexus GiftTortoise Shell Glasses ❤ Shiden Ritter These popular plastic-framed glasses have a whitethorn tortoiseshell pattern. They come with a leather glasses case. They can be used as a personal joke item or have lenses put in and used for real. You can have the lenses exchanged for oncs that suit you later.
Scarlet Nexus GiftTool Set ❤ Arashi Spring This set of tools has screwdrivers, pliers, and an electric drill suitable for professional use. Useful for tinkering with machines or DIY enthusiasts and good to people who like to collect tools.
Scarlet Nexus Gift SnackFun Snack Set Arashi Spring
Kyoka Eden
This snack set has a wide variety everyone loves, like sweet cookies, salty potato chips, and chewy rice cakes. You can’t wait to open it to see what’s inside. You could enjoy it with family and friends, or maybe you could keep it all to yourself.
Scarlet Nexus Gift KyokaNeurology Essay Collection Kyoka Eden This journal of neuroscience essays analyzes psionic powers. Neuroscience is currently the most active field of research, with multiple articles written every years but some have questionable content. This book contains only reviewed essays, so it’s very trustworthy.
Scarlet Nexus KyokaFlower Aroma Candle ❤ Kyoka Eden When lit, this candle produces a pleasant smell that relaxes the mind and reduces stress. It belongs to a set with a beautiful lotus-shaped holder. you can choose any scene. you like, such as lavender or sandalwood.
Scarlet Nexus Pink Drink BottlePink Bottle Drink Hanabi Ichijo ???
Scarlet Nexus Red CushionRed Cushion Hanabi Ichijo This soft cushion has a red cover and is used as a pillow for an afternoon nap. The cover is made from fire-resistant fabric, so even if you happen to shoot fire in your sleep, the cushion would probably be fine.
Scarlet Nexus Sewing KitSewing Kit Kasane Randall ???
Scarlet Nexus Colored CandlesColored Candles Hanabi Ichijo ???
Scarlet Nexus Rare Antique LampRare Antique Lamp ❤❤ Hanabi Ichijo This precious antique was used a long time ago. Due to its owners’ care through the years, the metal parts haven’t lost their shine. When lit, it glows with a faint, pink light. It’s very romantic.
Luxury Oil ❤ Hanabi Ichijo This oil has an approved high-grade due to the stability of combustion and regard for the environment. It’s dangerous material that must be handled with care. Members of the OSF like Hanabi have undergone struct training to use it as a tool.
Blank Plant Observation Journal ❤ Tsugumi Nazar This convenient tool automatically arranges daily plant growing conditions and photograph data into an observation journal. An observation journal is mandatory while raising plants. there is a built-in function that sets off an alert if there are gaps in data updates.
Mini Potted Plant Set ❤ Tsugumi Nazar These potted plants are so small that they could fit in the palm of your hand. Individual plants require distinct types of care. Some fans give them all different names. One OSF member was heard saying, “The names of my plants? That’s… a secret.”
Scarlet Nexus Bundle of Old BooksBundle of Old Books Tsugumi Nazar
Shiden Ritter
These old paper books are priceless because most have already been digitized. This bundle contains picture books of flora. You might find a precious tome that hasn’t been digitized yet.
Soothing Flower Planting ❤❤ Tsugumi Nazar This set of pale flowers is grown to maintain a slightly wild look. IT contains varieties that have scents with relaxing effects. The flowers are goring naturally, so they differ in height, and this pot was made with the idea that natural is best.
Scarlet Nexus Beige Abdominal RollerBeige Abdominal Roller Gemma Garrison This beige wheel is an exercise tool is for training abdominal muscles. It’s advisable to use the stable two-wheel type at first. IT provides effective exercise even for people who already have six-pack abs. It’s called a roller in the industry.
Scarlet Nexus Hanging Scroll "Solid"Hanging Scroll “Solid” Gemma Garrison This hanging scroll uses a motif based on the kanji for the word “solid.” The skilled calligrapher has works preferred by people practice martial arts and are hung in training halls. “Solid ” means the sturdy protection of a castle wall.
Heavy Dumbbell Gemma Garrison ???
Scarlet Nexus Sand BagSand Bag ❤ Gemma Garrison This item is hung from the ceiling and used for martial arts training focused on strikes. Amateurs may break a finger on hard and heavy material if they punch it for fun. It’s dangerous when it starts to swing around, so set it up in a spacious idea.
Famous Select Alcohol Set ❤ Gemma Garrison This collection of wildly popular alcohol brands is displayed in the “Booze Festival 2020,” a product showcase for brewers. There are many types such as sake and whiskey. It contains some alcohol that gets better with age, so they shouldn’t be consumed right away.
Plug-in Parallelization Program HPlug-in Parallelization Program H Kasane Randall ???
Scarlet Nexus Plaid CushionPlaid Cushion Luka Travers ???
Scarlet Nexus PosterPerfect Poster Vision Luka Travers This poster features photos of “perfect bodies” only attainable by dedicated athletes. Aesthetics are also important in weight training. People who desire the perfect body remember this poster as their goal. The identities of the poster models are confidential.
Scarlet Nexus Drone and ControllerDrone and Controller Luka Travers This green drone is typically used in New Himuka, so it’s the same model as the media drones. Commercial use models have expanded functions like autonomous movement, but this one is operated with a controller, so even children.
“Organization Management for Beginners” Shiden Ritter ???
Debarabi Cushion Arashi Spring ???
Scarlet Nexus Modifiable DroneModifiable Drone Arashi Spring ???
Scarlet Nexus Sturdy Pot and LadleSturdy Pot and Ladle Kyoka Eden ???
Rare Vintage Alcohol Kagero Donne ???
Plug-in Parallelization Program HPlug-in Parallelization Program V Arashi Spring
Kyoka Eden
Shiden Ritter
These plug-ins are installed in the brain for various expanded functionality. Usually, a person can only use one. Installing this program increases the number of plug-ins you can use at once by one. This has the same properties as the similar Program H.

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