Scarlet Nexus - Tsugumi Nazar Companion Guide

Companion guide for Tsugumi Nazar in Scarlet Nexus. Included are an overview of Tsugumi, how to unlock, companion stats, skills, Struggle Arms System (SAS) abilities, companion usage guide, best allies, equipment, weapons, visuals, and role in the main story.

Scarlet Nexus - Tsugumi Nazar Character Companion Guide

Tsugumi Nazar in Scarlet Nexus


Scarlet Nexus - Tsugumi Nazar Character Companion Overview Name: Tsugumi Nazar
Gender: Female
Hometown: Suoh (Immigrant)
Affiliation: OSF
OSF Service Record: 12 Years
Weapon: Revolver
Power: Clairvoyance
Voice Actor: Marika Kohno (JP), Xanthe Huynh (EN)

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How to Unlock Tsugumi Nazar

Playable Phase Phase 2: Broken, Scattered Days (for Kasane Route)

Tsugumi Nazar Base Stats and Information

Base Level Level 8 (for Kasane Route debut)
HP 643 (for Level 1)
Power 48 (for Level 1)
Attack 50 (for Level 1)
Defense 20 (for Level 1)
Psycho-Kinetic Ability Clairvoyance
Weapon Specialization Revolver

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Tsugumi Nazar Struggle Arms System (SAS) Abilities

Scarlet Nexus - Tsugumi Nazar Struggle Arms System (SAS) Abilities

All SAS Abilities

Yuito-Tsugumi SAS Abilities

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Kasane-Tsugumi SAS Abilities

Ability Level Requirement Ability Effect
Clairvoyance and Read Attack Level 1 Bond Level 1 While the SAS is active, you can detect the position of invisible enemies and see in areas where visibility is poor. A perfect dodge will also be easier to execute while using this ability. After a successful perfect dodge, perform a read attack with x/□  and deal heavy damage to an enemy, and knock them over.
Shell Break and Guardian Vision Level 2 Bond Level 2 With SAS active, hitting with a Read Attack allows you to break shells with one hit.
Also, when you’re being attacked there is a chance for a Vision of Tsugumi to appear; blocking the attack and negating the damage.
Psychokinesis Read Attack and Combo Vision Level 3 Bond Level 3 After a Perfect Dodge, use R2 to perform a Read Attack to damage the enemy and knock them prone.
Increase SAS Recovery Speed and Assault Vision Level 4 Bond Level 4 Increases the recovery speed of the SAS clairvoyance scale. Also, attack an unguarded enemy and Tsugumi will call out. Answer her with △/y + ◌/b and she will appear as a Vision and perform a special attack.
Prolong SAS Effect Level 5 Bond Level 5 SAS clairvoyance effect time increases.
Increase Crush Effectiveness and Drop Rate Level 6 Bond Level 6 While the SAS is active, you can deplete enemies’ crush gauges even more, and defeating the enemy will make it drop an item.

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Tsugumi Nazar Companion Guide

Scarlet Nexus - Tsugumi Nazar Bond Episodes and Companion Guide

Tsugumi Nazar Bond Episodes and Guide

How to Use

Using her ability “Clairvoyance”, it’s easy to see the enemy’s position and to see the surroundings even in foggy or poor visibility areas.

Players can use clairvoyance to evade enemies’ incoming attacks and pressing □ button will allow you to use her other ability “Closeout Attack”, which can deal great damage to the opponent after evading.

Recommended Allies

Name Details

Tsugumi Nazar Equipment and Visuals

Scarlet Nexus - Tsugumi Nazar Weapon, Equipment and Visual Information


Name Attack Power Description
Lily Bell M20-1 27 A mobile revolver on the small side that gets its name from the Lily of the Valley plant. Although it has a small capacity of only 6 rounds, it is easily serviced. Tsugumi has been using the same model of this type of gun since her entry to the OSF.
How to Get Default starting weapon.
Lily Bell M20-1 C 30 This custom model of the Lily Bell M20-1 features a lily’s beautiful figure masks the poison that lies within. This powerful gun’s small size also conceals its durable make and ability to fire high-powered ammunition.
How to Get Default starting weapon (for Kasane Route – Phase 2).
Lily Bell M20-2 34 This model lessens the gap between the barrel and cylinder. This has reduced recoil gas from firing, and the chance of backfiring has been reduced drastically.
How to Get Item shop | Satori, the Archivist
Lily Bell M20-4 47 The Lily Bell M20’s frame metals were changed to make it lighter. Battle fatigue is reduced due to this adjustment, allowing for prolonged focus during shooting.
How to Get Item shop | Satori, the Archivist


Name Description
Blk Battle Attire: Yo Even though the Black Battle Attire series is used for OSF uniforms, many continue to wear their cadet uniforms. Tsugumi has worn the Rin model ever since. She recently purchased the cape.
How to Get Default visual costume.
Name Description
Sp. Battle Attire: Audio Optics The Audio Optics model features a sound motif. The circle symbols on the cape represent various spreading sounds and the musical groove they create.
How to Get Pre-order exclusive reward for Digital Standard Edition.
Early purchase bonus for the Standard Physical Edition.
Name Description
Red Battle Attire: Wisdom OSF members are battle-ready at any given moment, even when dressed in formal Red Battle Attire. The Wisdom model is designed with preparedness in mind. The shoes that go with this outfit are also red.
How to Get Pre-order exclusive reward for Digital Deluxe Edition.
Name Description
White Battle Attire: Charity The Charity White model is made by a professional-use popular brand, ilangibut. There are only a few in existence. Its design was inspired by OSF members who fought to protect their allies’ lives.
How to Get

 Tsugumi Nazar Profile

Scarlet Nexus - Tsugumi Nazar Character Profile Biography Information

Tsugumi Official Biography

“A shy OSF member. Often stutters while she feels exceedingly nervous when talking to others and feels depressed afterwards. However, she is definitely not weak and always says what needs to be said, strictly and clearly. Also surprisingly, she is very competitive and doesn’t lose her composure even in battle, making her a soldier with very good abilities. She likes gardening and due to her powers that enable her to look directly into the insides of the ground and plants, she often succeeds in growing very difficult species. Although she likes spending alone time in nature which makes her to having only a few friends, she cherishes and cares about the ones she trusts.”

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