Scarlet Nexus - How to Save Game Data

An overview on how to save your game data in Scarlet Nexus. There are two ways to record and save data, manual and automatic.

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How to Save Game in Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus is action role-playing game from Bandai Namco Entertainment, and it takes place in the futuristic city called New Himuka and discover its mysteries in a Brain Punk future caught between advancements in technology and the discovery of psychic abilities in humans in order to defeat the strange life-forms named Other.

Taking an adventure and exploring the futuristic “brain punk” city sounds fun and sometimes you needed to take a break from the long journey from hours of gameplay. Here’s an overview on how you can save your game data in Scarlet Nexus.

Saving your game manually

As you play the game, it does automatically saves your data whenever there is a new scene or checkpoint in the story. However you can also opt to save your game manually while you’re out of combat and just exploring the area. If ever you wanted to take a break or just save your data, you can check your map to see the nearest save point and it will appear as a yellow disk icon and a yellow cart icon.

Scarlet Nexus Save Map

Just go to the location and you need to find the NPC named, Satori the Archivist. He is usually near an entrance or exit of an area, and he’s also usually next to the shop, where you can buy and stock up your supplies and items. Talk to Satori by pressing the △ button or Y button if you’re on Xbox, then select a slot to save your progress in.

Automatic Save

Scarlet Nexus automatically saves your game as you progress through the story, or when you’re moving to a different location. This is a convenient to have, as particularly in areas where there are plenty of Others you’ll have to fight through.



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