Scarlet Nexus - Weapons List

List of all character weapons in Scarlet Nexus, including their name, attack, wielder, and weapon description in the game.

Scarlet Nexus - All Weapons List

All Weapons in Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus - All Weapons List

Below is a list of characters’ weapons in Scarlet Nexus. The protagonist characters, such as Yuito and Kasane, and their companions have their own unique weapon to use.

Main Characters

Character Weapon Attack Description
Scarlet Nexus - Yuito Sumeragi IconYuito Sumeragi Myoho Muramasa 27 Myoho Muramasa, the sword Yuito has used since he was a cadet. The thin blade is light, so it’s easy for novices to intermediates to handle in combat. It is engraved with the name of a famous ancient sword.
Scarlet Nexus - Kasane Randall IconKasane Randall Arrowroot Leaf 27 Arrowroot Leaf is a knife Kasane has been using as a weapon since her days as a cadet. It has a collapsible design with a one-sided edge, making it easy and safe to wield.


Character Weapon Attack Description
Scarlet Nexus - Arashi Spring IconArashi Spring Innocent Rabbit hug1 27 This wild and cute chainsaw has teeth of an electric saw blade developed to look like a rabbit’s ears. Unlike chainsaws meant for cutting wood, this can be activated with the simple flip of a switch.
Scarlet Nexus - Kyoka Eden IconKyoka Eden Pronghorn 1 27 This crossbow gets its name from its curve. Reminiscent of the pronghorns of mammals like the stag, it is considerably small for a bow. This particular weapons is a pistol-crossbow that can fire an arrow at the pull of a trigger.
Scarlet Nexus - Shiden Ritter IconShiden Ritter Special Baton Type R-1 27 Formerly used in the NDF with high appraisal, this 3-tiered foldable watch baton is developed and improved for psionics. It is also customized specifically for electrokinesis psionics.
Scarlet Nexus - Kagero Donne IconKagero Donne Invisible Dancer v1 27 This charming, curved battle knife was developed invisibility psionics. Its name comes from the crystalline blade that disappears and reappears in a glimmering dance.
Scarlet Nexus - Tsumgumi Nazar IconTsugumi Nazar Lily Bell M20-1 27 A mobile revolver on the small side that gets its name from the Lily of the Valley plant. Although it has a small capacity of only 6 rounds, it is easily serviced. Tsugumi has been using the same model of this type of gun since her entry to the OSF.
Scarlet Nexus - Luka Travers IconLuka Travers Weight Hammer v1 27 This hammer has a unique headpiece resembling the end of a dumbbell. It’s made by a weight-training equipment company that Luka uses all the time.
Scarlet Nexus - Gemma Garrison IconGemma Garrison Gauntlets: Peerless Adam. T1 27 These gauntlets were designed to amplify a sclerokinesis psionics’ power and attacks during battle.
Scarlet Nexus - Hanabi Ichijo IconHanabi Ichijo Prometheus Torch Type 1 27 A torch researched thoroughly to allow. a pyrokinesis psionic to unleash their full potential. Damages the target with fire and bashing. After trying many weapons as a cadet, Hanabi felt she was best suited for this one.

Other Weapons

Weapon Name Character Attack Description
Tsunetsugu Juzumaru Yuito Sumeragi 47 Tsunetsugu Juzumaru is a massive, stout sword. The weight requires a specific brand fishing, but you can inflict more damage than with a lighter sword if you get used to it.
Munechika Mikazuki Yuito Sumeragi 34 Munechika Mikazuki is a two-bladed sword that is both beautiful and effective. The aerodynamics have been skillfully refined to make it easier to use with powers.
Lily Bell M20-1 C Tsugumi Nazar 30 This custom model of the Lily Bell M20-1 features a lily’s beautiful figure masks the poison that lies within. This powerful gun’s small size also conceals its durable make and ability to fire high-powered ammunition.
Lily Bell M20-2 Tsugumi Nazar 34 This model lessens the gap between the barrel and cylinder. This has reduced recoil gas from firing, and the chance of backfiring has been reduced drastically.
Lily Bell M20-4 Tsugumi Nazar 47 The Lily Bell M20’s frame metals were changed to make it lighter. Battle fatigue is reduced due to this adjustment, allowing for prolonged focus during shooting.
Prometheus Torch Type 2 Hanabi Ichijo 34 All of the Prometheus series torches are flaming weapons because of the oil that fills them. Type 2 has an improved oil supply mechanism and high-quality oil can be used with it.
Prometheus Torch Type 4 Hanabi Ichijo 47 The non-slip ridges on this torch have been adjusted so that their angles are shallower. This improvement allows for much quicker transfer movements. The wielder can easily connect multiple hits.
Gauntlets: Peerless Adam. T2 Gemma Garrison 34 Elastic materials were introduced to the wrist section allowing the wearer to twist more easily. The flexibility of the gloves also lessens the damage taken.
Gauntlets: Peerless Adam. T4 Gemma Garrison 47 These gauntlets are injected with shock-absorbing gel on the 2nd and 3rd knuckles. This reduced the pain felt by the wielder when attacking. It retains absorptive properties even after attacking multiple times.
Invisible Dancer v1 + Kagero Donne 30 This knife is an improvement upon the v1 model. The handle’s inner side is smoothed for a quicker unsheathing. The fastener bolt is not smooth, preventing it form slipping out of the wielder’s hand and makes it more comfortable.
Weight Hammer v2 Luka Travers 34 The knurled grip on this hammer is deepened to provide a sure grip for its wielder. Those with small hands can clutch it with as much strength as possible. Of course, those with large hands can use it as well.
Weight Hammer v3 Luka Travers 41 The Weight Hammer includes four weights on its staff section. The v3 model weights are more tightly in place. This prevents unwanted vibrations and stabilizes attacks.
Weight Hammer v4 Luka Travers 47 The enhanced plastic staff was upgraded to metal in this hammer. This model was created when. teleportation psionic said it was good weapon but too light. The weight, strength, and power have all been increased with this model..

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