Scarlet Nexus - Luka Travers Companion Guide

Companion guide for Luka Travers in Scarlet Nexus. Included are an overview of Luka, how to unlock, companion stats, skills, Struggle Arms System (SAS) abilities, companion usage guide, best allies, equipment, weapons, visuals, and role in the main story.

Scarlet Nexus - Luka Travers Character Companion Guide

Luka Travers in Scarlet Nexus


Scarlet Nexus - Luka Travers Character Companion Overview Name: Luka Travers
Gender: Male
Hometown: Suoh (Immigrant)
Affiliation: OSF
OSF Service Record: 22 Years
Weapon: Hammer
Power: Teleportation
Voice Actor: Chinatsu Akasaki (JP), Zach Aguilar (EN)

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How to Unlock Luka Travers

Chapter Unlocked Phase 3: Fate to Move Upon Awakening (for Kasane Route Debut)

Luka Travers Base Stats and Information

Base Level Level 20 (for Kasane Route debut)
HP 718 (for Level 1)
Power 55 (for Level 1)
Attack 60 (for Level 1)
Defense 21 (for Level 1)
Psycho-Kinetic Ability Teleportation
Weapon Specialization Hammer

All Psycho-Kinetic Abilities

Luka Travers Struggle Arms System (SAS) Abilities

Scarlet Nexus - Luka Travers Companion Guide

All SAS Abilities

Yuito-Luka SAS Abilities

Coming Soon

Kasane-Luka SAS Abilities

Ability Level Requirement Ability Effect
Teleportation Level 1 Bond Level 1* During SAS, you can teleport with ◌/b, and with □/x you can teleport to and attack an enemy in range.
Mid-air Teleportation and Guardian Vision Level 2 Bond Level 2* During SAS, you can mid-air teleport with ◌/b and use □/x to teleport you next to an enemy in range and attack. Also, when you are attacked there is a chance for a Vision of Luka to appear and block the attack, negating damage.
Increase SAS Recovery Speed and Combo V Level 3 Bond Level 3* Increases recovery speed of SAS teleportation gauge.
Using L1/LB + ◌/b, x/a, △/y, □/x enables a Combo Vision in which Luka appears, launches, and attacks continuously.
Assault Vision Level 4 Bond Level 4* Attack an unguarded enemy and Luka will call out. Answer him with △/y + ◌/b and he will appear as a Vision and perform a special attack.
Prolong SAS Effect Level 5 Bond Level 5* SAS teleportation effect time increases.
Charge Teleportation Attack Level 6 Bond Level 6* During SAS, you can use a Charge Teleportation Attack. Hold △/y to charge, the release to teleport to an enemy in range to deal damage in a large area.

*Bond Level requirements to be updated further.

Luka Travers Bond Episodes and Companion Guide

Scarlet Nexus - Luka Travers Bond Episodes Guide

Luka Travers Bond Episodes and Guide

How to Use

Pressing 〇  button while walking will activate his ability “Teleportation”, If you attack using □ button while there is an enemy in range, you can teleport near the enemy and attack.

His ability “Teleportation” can also allow you to move to the other side of “unpassable” wall on the map.

Recommended Allies

Name Details

Luka Travers Equipment and Visuals

Scarlet Nexus - Luka Travers Weapon, Equipment and Visual Information


Name Attack Power Description
Weight Hammer v1 27 This hammer has a unique headpiece resembling the end of a dumbbell. It’s made by a weight-training equipment company that Luka uses all the time.
How to Get Default starting weapon.
Weight Hammer v2 34 The knurled grip on this hammer is deepened to provide a sure grip for its wielder. Those with small hands can clutch it with as much strength as possible. Of course, those with large hands can use it as well.
How to Get Buy or exchange from the Item shop (Satori, the Archivist).
Weight Hammer v3 41 The Weight Hammer includes four weights on its staff section. The v3 model weights are more tightly in place. This prevents unwanted vibrations and stabilizes attacks.
How to Get Buy or exchange from the Item shop (Satori, the Archivist).
Weight Hammer v4 47 The enhanced plastic staff was upgraded to metal in this hammer. This model was created when. teleportation psionic said it was good weapon but too light. The weight, strength, and power have all been increased with this model.
How to Get Buy or exchange from the Item shop (Satori, the Archivist).


Name Description
Blk Battle Attire: Yo OSF members can wear uniforms that are not black, but the Black Battle Attire series is most popular. Ken is a custom order suit from an established company with a hefty price tag, but it is loved by wise customers for its top-notch quality.
How to Get Default visual costume.
Name Description
Sp. Battle Attire: Audio Light The Audio Light model features a sound motif. Special Battle Attire is custom made from to the high-quality materials. Wearing Sound & Light is as relaxing as listening to music.
How to Get Pre-order exclusive reward for Digital Standard Edition.
Name Description
Red Battle Attire: Secret Red Battle Attire can be worn at ceremonies and is appropriate when worn at weddings. The Secret model comes equipped with a matching jacket and tie, giving it a refined design.
How to Get Pre-order exclusive reward for Digital Deluxe Edition.
Name Description
White Battle Attire: Innocent The Pure White model symbolized the hearts of OSF members who sacrifice their own lives to protect the citizens. It is highly functional battle attire with a rigid inner pocket and gives an impression of formality.
How to Get

Luka Travers Profile

Scarlet Nexus - Luka Travers Character Profile Biography Information

Luka Official Biography

“While he is a gentle teenage boy who could look like a girl, he has a brilliant brain to analyze various situations and make the right decisions calmly. In the OSF he has a lot of experience and a high ranking. He is also one of the elite “Septentrion” members like Fubuki who have superiors powers. His older brother is also a praised member in the OSF. Together, they are known as the Travers brothers. Due to the indifferences in effects from the growth suppression in the OSF, Luka’s growth has stopped at a very young age, causing him to still have a very delicate body now. However, he looks up to tough and beautiful muscles, making him do daily muscle training and protein intakes in order to get closer to his ideal body type.”

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