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List of all character items in Scarlet Nexus, including their name, effect, max carry, and description.

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All Battle Item List

Below is a list of character items in Scarlet Nexus. The protagonist characters, such as Yuito and Kasane, and their companions can use these battle items. There are many consumables that can be found such as items that can replenish the team’s health, removing status ailments, adds temporary buffs, and many more. Battle Items can be found through loot, from dropped enemies, acquired as rewards for completing Quests, given by NPCs or Companions, crafted, and purchased from shops or merchants.

Item Name Item Effect Max Carry Description
Light Jelly Recovers 30% of max HP. 10 A sweet, orange flavored drinkable jelly.
Medium Jelly Recovers 60% of max HP. 10 Persimmon flavored drinkable jelly with just the right sweetness.
Max Jelly Completely recovers HP. 10 Ultra sweet, peach flavored drinkable jelly.
All: Max Jelly Recovers HP Completely for all allies. 10 A family pack you can share with everyone.
Normalization Tablet Cures statues ailments. 10 Bite in for a sour plum flavor.
All: Light Jelly Recovers 30% of max HP for all allies. 10 A family pack you can share with everyone.
All: Normalization Tablet Cures status ailments for all allies. 10 A family pack everyone can bite into.
SAS Refueling Drink Recovers SAS gauge to full. 10 A cool drink that refreshes the mind.
Brain Field Gear Recharges brain field meter. 10 Careful handling required.

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