Scarlet Nexus - Post-game Unlockables

A guide on all post-game unlockable features in Scarlet Nexus. Included are new game modes (EX New Game), items, quests, and elements carried-over after clearing the game for the first time.

Scarlet Nexus - Post-game Unlockables

Post-game Unlockables

After clearing Yuito or Kasane’s story routes, a number of new features, side quests, items, and EX New Game (New Game Plus) are unlocked. Several elements are also carried over when you load your “cleared” game save file or begin EX New Game.


Below are all trophies related to clearing the main story and unlocking post-game stages of Scarlet Nexus and how to unlock them in the game.

Achievement Trophy How to Unlock
Red Strings for Two PlayStation 4 - Silver TrophySilver Reach Yuito and Kasane’s story ending.
To the Unknown Future PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyBronze Unlock first playthrough ending.
Collecting Fragments of History PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyBronze Start a new game with a different main character after beating the game.

Trophy List

“Cleared” Game Save File

Scarlet Nexus - Cleared Game Save

A “cleared” game save file can be created by saving after beating the main story. After loading the cleared game save, you will resume the playthrough from the hideout.

Scarlet Nexus - Resume Cleared Game

Phantom Art (Weapon Material)

Scarlet Nexus - Phantom Art Material

A rare material called “Phantom Art” is obtained for clearing the game or after completing various post-game side quests. This material is used to obtain a character or companion’s strongest weapon from the hideout shop (Exchange tab).

How to Get Phantom Art Weapon Material

New Side Quests

New side quests become available after clearing the game which reward even rarer items, including Phantom Art materials to craft each companion’s strongest weapon. Be sure to check the various locations for special quests you can do to obtain different rewards.

Best Weapons for Each Character

EX New Game

Scarlet Nexus - EX New Game

EX New Game is Scarlet Nexus’ version of New Game Plus (NG+) found in most action RPGs. Many elements and features are carried over EX New Game which are listed below.

Scarlet Nexus - EX New Game Carry-over Features

Carry-over Features

  • Character gallery
  • Help menu
  • All equipment (weapons, armor, items, and visuals)
  • Character level and stats
  • Brain Points (BP) based on your character’s level
  • Brain Map Skills (can be carried over or reset upon starting EX New Game)
  • Money (Kin)
  • Play time
  • Shop items

Non carry-over Features

Below are features that are not carried over in EX New Game.

  • Enemy compendium
  • Brain Map Skills (you will need to reallocate BP upon starting an EX New Game playthrough if you do not choose to carry over Brain Map skills).

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